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The Nespresso Grand Cru Coffees

Unique coffee tasting experiences

It takes just a push of a button to make the perfect cup of Nespresso coffee. But the story behind each cup reveals a far longer journey. A journey that speaks of the passion and expertise that goes into the entire process of creating the highest quality coffee.

At Nespresso, we continually challenge ourselves to delight our consumers with new coffee experiences. Our experts have composed a wide range of Grand Cru coffees. Each offers distinct aromas and flavours that cater to individual preferences. From our robust, dark roasts to our balanced, light blends, our Grands Crus allow consumers to indulge in unique tasting experiences.


Finest green coffees and deep coffee expertise

Nespresso sources an exclusive selection of the finest green coffees from the top coffee-growing regions of the world. The beans we use are rare and precious. In fact, only an estimated 1% to 2% of the coffee grown globally meets our specific quality, taste and aroma requirements.

Nespresso is not just coffee. It is a genuine experience that combines perfection and pleasure.

Our passionate and skilled experts select, blend, roast and grind our coffee with great attention in our production centres in Switzerland. Hermetically sealed in iconic Nespresso capsules, our blends preserve their taste and aroma, delivering a unique sensorial experience, cup after cup.


Innovative coffee blends for a surprising sensorial journey

Our full coffee range includes 23 Grand Cru coffees for enjoyment at home with OriginalLine. This consists of espresso, lungo and decaffeinated blends as well as Pure Origins, exclusively made of coffee from a single country of origin, and variations. Additionally, Nespresso offers 10 Grand Cru coffees of different tastes and intensity for enjoyment at leisure or work. Launched in 2014, the latest innovation in our product range is VertuoLine with its 12 Grands Crus for enjoyment at home, currently available in the US and Canada only.

We share our consumers’ passion for the perfect coffee. More than that, we continuously aim to surprise them and deliver new and unexpected coffee tasting moments. Pushing our coffee expertise to new heights, Nespresso creates several rare Grands Crus every year. Each Limited Edition infuses exclusive flavours to bring coffee lovers on a sensory journey never experienced before. Whether the blend is dense with floral notes or packs a sensationally powerful taste with a smooth texture, our Limited Editions offer a different tasting experience every time.