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Through Ecolaboration™, Nespresso is committed to integrating sustainability across our business and creating more shared value for farmers, business partners and consumers. We believe that this approach will ensure sustainable business success and reinforce our long-term relationship with the wider community.

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The Nespresso sustainability journey started over 20 years ago

The Nespresso sustainability journey started in 1991, when we first implemented capsule collection systems in Switzerland. By 1993, consumers in Germany could recycle their capsules through the Grüner Punkt (Green Dot) system.

We started to embed sustainability in our value chain in 2003, with the launch of our unique AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. Our vision for sustainability was then defined in 2009 with the launch of Ecolaboration™.


Three sustainability commitments with Ecolaboration™

Ecolaboration™ brings together all of our different sustainability and Creating Shared Value initiatives into one program. Today, Ecolaboration™ focuses on three commitments that we made in 2009:  

  • Coffee Sourcing:

Source 80% of our coffee from the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, including Rainforest Alliance certification, by 2013

  • Capsule Recycling:

Put collection systems in place to increase our capacity to recycle used capsules to 75% by 2013

  • Carbon Reduction:

Reduce the carbon footprint of each cup of Nespresso coffee by 20% by 2013

To find out about our progress towards meeting these targets, visit the Reporting Performance page.


Nespresso goes beyond sustainability to Creating Shared Value

Sustainability is central to the future prosperity of our company and the communities we work with. This means producing the highest quality coffee for our Club Members, while improving the economic, environmental and social impacts of our business.

Ecolaboration™ is built on the Nestlé principle of Creating Shared Value. Going beyond sustainability, the Ecolaboration™ approach aims to create more value for everyone, from coffee farmers to Club Members.

Ecolaboration™ is a platform for long-term collaborative partnerships for Creating Shared Value. The platform operates in three main areas: 

  1. Research and innovation projects to support program design and development. Find out more in Research.
  2. On the ground program deployment and implementation. Find out more in Case Studies.
  3. Infrastructure and investment projects. Find out more in Case Studies.