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What is Nespresso doing in the sustainability area?

For Nespresso, creating sustainable business success means developing a sustainability approach that fits with our unique business model and supports our strategy to create sustainable business growth. It is about making sure that sustainability is integral to everyday business decisions and working together with partners and stakeholders to find new ways to create more value for society. The Nespresso vision for sustainability was defined in 2009 with the launch of Ecolaboration™, its first holistic sustainability platform. In 2014, Nespresso announced its ambitious 2020 sustainability strategy, The Positive Cup, based on 3 major engagements. By 2020, Nespresso has committed to reach 100% sustainably sourced coffee, 100% sustainably managed aluminium and 100% carbon efficient operations. These objectives build on significant steps Nespresso took over the last 12 years to improve farmer welfare and drive environmental sustainability in coffee farming, capsule recycling and carbon footprint reduction. If you wish to know more about Sustainability at Nespresso, please visit the Sustainability section of this website.

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Why does Nespresso use aluminium for its capsules?

Nespresso stands for the highest coffee quality, guaranteed by the freshness and intensity of the coffee aroma. Aluminium is the best material we have found to protect the quality and freshness of the Nespresso coffees against oxygen and sunlight. Moreover, the patented aluminium capsule technology enables high pressure extraction in Nespresso machines equivalent to the best espresso technology. Aluminium is also infinitely recyclable. Nespresso is committed to putting systems in place to increase the capacity to recycle 100% of used capsules by 2020.
Our global collection capacity reached 76.4% at the end of June 2012, meeting our initial commitment one year ahead of plan. We estimate that, at the end of 2015, our collection capacity reached over 86%.

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What are your initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of your capsules?

Our focus is to make it as easy as possible for Nespresso Club Members and consumers to return used Nespresso capsules for recycling. Our first priority is to encourage national or supranational packaging recovery schemes. Since 1993, used capsules can be collected and recycled through the packaging recovery system in Germany. Since 2010, used capsules can also be recovered through the Green Dot waste scheme in Sweden. In 1991, in Switzerland, Nespresso started to put in place its own used capsule collection system. Across 36 markets, Nespresso has installed over 100,000 dedicated capsule collection points, such as in Nespresso boutiques, municipal waste, retail, local partners (such as Mondial Relay and Kiala) and courier companies to enable doorstep collection in select countries. Please see details in our Sustainability section.

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How do Special.T and BabyNes fit into your product range?

While Special.T and BabyNes are brands of the Nestlé Group, they are not part of the Nespresso brand.

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