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Phase 2

First <em>Nespresso</em> airline system
First <em>Nespresso</em> website
Original pods for professional machines

Start-up phase: laying the foundation

Innovation and investment power growth and bring Nespresso to financial break-even. The brand gains in scale as new markets are opened. New innovative machines are developed and the Grand Cru coffee range continues to expand. The first e-commerce platform allows 24/7 online ordering.


COMPANY: Nespresso reaches breakeven.
MACHINES: Manufactured by Aerolux, the first aviation Nespresso machine is installed on Swissair setting the stage for 1st Class brand exposure on international airlines.


SERVICE: The first Internet site offers a platform to promote Nespresso coffee expertise and products. It will later develop into a key brand showcase and sales channel.
MACHINES: The C250/554 machine with automatic features and a new thermobloc is launched as a major breakthrough in the household sector while a new out-of-home machine is test marketed in France.


MARKETS: As part of a new multi-partner trade approach offering broader distribution, new machine partnerships are forged with Jura for Switzerland, Magimix for France and the Benelux, and KitchenAid for the USA.
COFFEE: Ristretto, the eighth Nespresso coffee, is launched.


COMPANY: The corporate name becomes Nestlé Nespresso SA
SERVICE: An enhanced Internet site enables direct on-line ordering, free shipping of minimum capsule orders, and expanded promotion of products.
MACHINES: The range is continually widened with new colours and designs such as the distinctively avant-garde Coban Alessi Nespresso machine.


MACHINES: A new system is launched as Nespresso Professional, with dedicated machines and coffee varieties packaged in pods, designed for small offices and the premium foodservice sector.