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Phase 3

The revolutionary Concept machine
Orbe Production Centre, Switzerland
<em>Nespresso</em> AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program

Creating an iconic global brand

Nespresso growth accelerates as it continues to reinvent the coffee machine and enhance the Nespresso coffee experience. The company establishes leadership in sustainable coffee sourcing and starts the journey towards becoming an iconic global brand.


COMPANY: Nestlé Nespresso SA moves into new corporate headquarters in Paudex, Switzerland.
BRAND: A new corporate identity is introduced incorporating a refined version of the stylized N within a square to create an impactful monogram. A new “shop-in-shop” merchandising concept is introduced in strategic retail outlets to offer heightened brand exposure.
SERVICE: The first Nespresso boutique opens in Paris.


COFFEE: The company launches its first Limited Edition Grand Cru.
MACHINES: The launch of the “Concept” machine, with its striking ergonomic design, revolutionary new open-jaw technology and ease of use, generates record sales.


COMPANY: A new dedicated Nespresso Production Centre starts up in Orbe, Switzerland expanding capsule production capacity by 400 per cent.


COMPANY: Designed to promote production and supply of sustainable highest quality coffee, the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program is launched, in collaboration with the NGO The Rainforest Alliance.
BRAND: Nespresso becomes the official coffee of the 32nd America’s Cup, the most prestigious sailing contest, and a co-sponsor of race Defender Team Alinghi.


MACHINES: Marking another design breakthrough and a new compact line of micro-brewing machines, Essenza is unveiled in a range of fashion colours.
COFFEE: The Nespresso Lungo coffee range, together with milk and iced coffee specialty recipes, are introduced.
SERVICE: A first Nespresso Boutique Bar is opened in Munich as a new retail concept that is later extended to New York City and beyond.


SERVICE: Accessories become Nespresso Les Collections.