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Creating Long-lasting Consumer Relationships

Drinking Nespresso coffee

One of the most valuable aspects of the Nespresso brand is the relationship we have with our Club Members and consumers. Every day we are in dialogue with over tens of thousands consumers who are passionate about coffee and the Nespresso brand. The Nespresso Club fosters direct relationships with our Club Members. Our coffee specialists provide advice and guidance to our consumers; they are in constant dialogue with the brand community. This constant interaction enables us to evolve to meet and anticipate our consumers’ demands.

Nespresso is not just coffee. It is a sensorial experience. The Nespresso brand invites coffee lovers to share moments of pleasure and welcomes them into an exclusive relationship. Our focus on consumer pleasure, innovation, simplicity and refinement has won the hearts and minds of our consumers. The Nespresso brand has become a global symbol of understated elegance.


Passionate global brand community with direct consumer relationships

More than half of our new Club Members experience the brand through an existing member.

The Nespresso Club has grown into a global community of passionate coffee lovers. Nespresso consumers value the brand’s innovative spirit and heritage of quality, style and service. They appreciate the sensorial experience that Nespresso provides them and choose to join the brand to make it a part of their lifestyle.

We have built personalised relationships with our consumers; over 50% of Nespresso employees in the markets are in direct contact with consumers. The Nespresso Club enables us to respond to individual needs and involve consumers in the brand experience. In 2004, our Club Members chose George Clooney as their brand ambassador.

Our Club Members have become true brand advocates. We are able to better meet our consumers’ expectations thanks to the direct relationship we have with them and our unique route to market.  Through our boutiques, our Customer Relationship Centres and our e-commerce platform, we are able to deliver personalised services to our consumers. Our boutiques worldwide provide them the unique opportunity to experience Nespresso with all their senses.


Aspirational global brand

Nespresso monogram

Over the years, Nespresso has grown into one of the most well-recognised global coffee brands. It is trusted by millions of consumers as a mark of passion, authenticity and service.The Nespresso brand stands for exceptional quality, refined service and genuine pleasure. It has become a symbol of elegance.

At Nespresso, we are driven by the desire to delight our consumers. They have come to expect original ideas and unique flavours from us. While remaining true to our heritage, our innovations keep the brand relevant and contemporary to our consumers.

Our Club Members stand as the true representation of the Nespresso brand and a lifestyle that is refined and inspiring.