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Personalised Services

New Club Members can discover the Nespresso
services in the boutique Club Room.

Building long-lasting relationships with our consumers

At Nespresso, we have built personalised and long-lasting relationships with our Club Members and consumers. Over 50% of our employees in the markets are in direct contact with consumers. Nespresso is in touch with more than tens of thousands consumers every day worldwide. Our ability to listen to and engage our consumers in dialogue allows us to anticipate and cater to their every need and expectation. The Nespresso Club fosters this unique relationship.

Our direct relationships with our consumers provide an invaluable starting point in our drive to offer more choice and personalisation in the way our consumers experience Nespresso. Our consumers can directly interact with the Nespresso brand and have instant access to our coffee specialists. A variety of contact points offer consumers greater flexibility in how they wish to connect with us, while suiting their convenience and lifestyle. These channels include our e-commerce platform, our network of over 450 boutiques across 288 cities in over 58 countries, and our dedicated Customer Relationship Centres.


Connecting with our consumers and answering their needs through three different channels

Through our extensive e-commerce website, consumers can tap into the world of Nespresso anywhere, anytime. The website is more than just a platform where consumers can place their orders; it provides Club Members with information on our coffees, machines and accessories to match their taste and preferences. A mobile application for ordering capsules is also available to suit those on the go.

The Nespresso boutique in Sydney, Australia

With more than 450 boutiques across the globe, Nespresso offers consumers the opportunity to experience our brand with all their senses. Nespresso boutiques provide a window into the heart of the brand and also serve as a key sales channel. From the opening of the first boutique in Paris in 2000 to our 450th boutique in 2015, we continue to reinvent the way consumers interact with the brand.

Our boutiques take the concept of choice and personalisation to new heights, offering consumers a unique brand experience, designed to meet their individual needs and preferences. Boutiques are designed with dedicated zones to increase convenience, choice and availability for consumers.

Our Customer Relationship Centres allow consumers to connect with more than 1,000 knowledgeable coffee specialists by phone. These coffee specialists have a deep understanding of our consumers’ expectations and play an important role in maintaining strong relationships with them. They go beyond taking orders for our products by also providing advice and guidance to our consumers.