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Avenches inauguration: a milestone in Nespresso success

08 June 2009 | Paudex, SWITZERLAND – Nestlé Nespresso today inaugurated its new Production and Distribution Centre in Avenches, Switzerland. The state of the art, CHF 300 Million facility brings together key elements of what has driven Nespresso’s success to date – highest quality, innovation and a passion for excellence – and places them at the heart of Nespresso’s future growth.

Avenches Production Centre

“Quality is fundamental to our continued success – our new Production and Distribution Centre brings quality and capacity to support our growth. Avenches provides the physical and technological resources together with leading expertise to manage – and further improve quality, at every step of the value chain, from cherry to cup, said Mr Richard Girardot, CEO of Nespresso.”

“The new Nespresso Production and Distribution Centre will function as a Coffee Centre of Excellence, by bringing together both the sensory expertise and operational processes at the highest possible level of quality to deliver the Nespresso ultimate coffee experience that consumers the world over enjoy and expect,” he said.

The new facility of 400,000 m3 is dedicated to the production and distribution of Nespresso business-to-consumer and business-to-business capsules. The site will generate 340 full-time jobs by the end of this year. This number will increase to up to 600 employees by the end of 2012. Nespresso will export to 50 markets from the Centre.

At the Inauguration Ceremony, Mr Girardot, accompanied by Petraea Heynike, Executive Vice President of Nestlé S.A. and Chairman of Nestlé Nespresso, hosted the Swiss Economic Affairs Minister Doris Leuthard and Jean-Claude Mermoud, Minister of Economic Affairs of the Canton de Vaud.

Built and operational in just 18 months, the Production and Distribution Centre in Avenches represents the passion for continuous innovation that are the hallmarks of Nespresso as a company. Incorporating leading technology, modern architectural design and the practical inclusion of sustainability principles such as rainwater collection for utility water and local community heat exchange, the Avenches Production and Distribution Centre illustrates the Nestlé Nespresso corporate philosophy of creating shared value.