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Colombian coffee growers celebrate latest Nespresso Limited Edition coffee, Naora

23 April 2012 | Pinchote, COLOMBIA – The 23 February 2012 is a date that will be fondly remembered by the residents of Pinchote, a small town in the northern Colombian region of Santander. Hundreds of people came together to proudly celebrate the launch of Naora. This unique Nespresso Limited Edition Grand Cru coffee was made possible thanks to a two-year-long collaboration between Nespresso agronomists and experts, the Colombian Coffee Growers’ Federation (FNC) and some 1,500 farmers of Santander and Tolima regions who produced the coffee.


A great sense of pride shared by everyone involved


Creating the Naora Limited Edition had not been without challenges. “At the start, I didn’t think it would be possible,” said Santiago Salazar, a farmer involved in the project.

Taking its inspiration from “late harvest” wines, Naora is made from Castillo coffee cherries picked at peak ripeness. Some 1,500 coffee growers harvested their crop a few weeks later than usual, at a specific point in time, to allow specific aromas to develop to create a unique coffee taste.

A first for the coffee industry, this presented a considerable gamble for the farmers. But for those like Santiago, the risks paid off. “Now I am so proud that our coffee is exported to the whole world,” he continued.

Launch celebrations for the Naora Limited Edition Grand Cru coffee were held in the small town of Pinchote, in the northern Colombian region of Santander. A live video feed transmitted the festivities to many of the farmers who produced the Naora coffee in the town of Lebanon, Tolima.


The whole of Pinchote celebrated the launch of Naora

More than half of the town turned out to welcome representatives from Nespresso and the Colombian Coffee Growers’ Federation (FNC), and take part in the celebrations. Local school children performed traditional dances and a music parade around the town square.

Coffee farmers enjoyed the opportunity to savour the taste of the Naora Grand Cru. It was the first time that they tasted a Nespresso coffee. “It’s delicious!” remarked Maria Santos Loza, one of the farmers involved in the project. “I feel so proud,” said Yasmin Carreno, another coffee farmer involved in producing Naora. “In this cup is my work, my life,” added Santiago Salazar after tasting Naora.

In keeping with the Colombian tradition of honouring valued visitors, the Mayor of Pinchote symbolically presented the keys to the town to Guillaume Le Cunff, International Marketing and Strategy Director at Nestlé Nespresso SA.

"We wanted to come here to celebrate this special moment with the FNC and the coffee growers who have worked with us for so many months on creating this unique coffee. With our presence we want to say thank you for helping us make it possible to offer the highest quality coffee to consumers around the world," said Guillaume Le Cunff in accepting this privilege.



A milestone in a long-term relationship with the FNC

Nespresso and the FNC have worked on many projects together, such as upgrading thousands of coffee farms in the Colombian regions of Cauca and Nariño and renovating coffee trees. The launch of Naora marks another important milestone in the strong relationship between the two organisations. It also demonstrates the company’s long-term commitment to Colombian coffee farmers. Nespresso has been sourcing the highest quality coffee from Colombia since 1986. Today, thanks to the close relationships developed with coffee growers, coffee cooperatives and local organisations like the FNC, Nespresso sources approximately 25% of its coffee from Colombia.


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