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Nespresso and Mike Horn partner for Ecolaboration™

04 September 2009 | Paris, FRANCE – Nestlé Nespresso SA, the worldwide pioneer and reference for highest quality premium portioned coffee, today announced a new partnership in the area of sustainability with Mike Horn. The South African born explorer-adventurer – who is leading the Pangaea Expedition around the world in an eco-friendly aluminium boat – will serve as an ambassador for Ecolaboration™, the Nespresso sustainability platform.

Explorer Mike Horn with Richard Girardot,
CEO of Nestlé Nespresso

“Mike Horn is one of the top explorers of our time. We share common values. His humanist vision of the Pangaea expedition and his commitment to a sustainable future make him a natural partner for Ecolaboration™. Nespresso is proud to greet Mike Horn as an Ambassador for Ecolaboration™,” said Richard Girardot, CEO of Nestlé Nespresso, at Nautic – the Paris Boat Show, where he and Mike Horn unveiled an exhibition on the Pangaea Expedition and Ecolaboration


Ecolaboration™ and Pangaea

Nespresso sustainability efforts in coffee, capsules, machines, together with its overall operations. Within the framework of Ecolaboration™, Nespresso has set itself the following targets to reach by 2013:
  • to source 80% of its coffee through its unique AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program and Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms
  • to put systems in place to triple its capacity to recycle used capsules to 75%
  • to reduce the overall carbon footprint required to produce every cup of Nespresso by 20%

“Ecolaboration™ and Pangaea have a lot in common, especially the choice to use endlessly reusable aluminium. Both projects also promote an optimistic and participative idea of sustainable development. I am truly very happy to share my experience within a project of such great scope,” said Mike Horn.

The Pangaea Expedition – from 2008 to 2012 – aims to create awareness and educate today’s youth about a sustainable future for the planet. Through this expedition, young adults can experience and explore the natural world, learn about environmental challenges our planet is facing today, find possible solutions, and most importantly start acting to change things for the better.

Pangaea, a 35-metre sailing vessel made from 50 tonnes of aluminium, serves as the platform for the expedition. In the spirit of the expedition, the boat was specifically designed to enhance respect for the environment. Pangaea integrates tools to produce energy with the lowest possible level of emissions and pollution.


Exhibition: “Nespresso Ecolaboration™ Presents Mike Horn”

At Nautic – the Paris Boat Show, Richard Girardot and Mike Horn unveiled an exhibition entitled “Nespresso Ecolaboration™ presents Mike Horn”. With the aim of bringing the Pangaea Expedition to life, the exhibition uses a video and photo installation to create a captivating and unique visual experience.

Visitors attending the Salon Nautique de Paris, held from 5-13 December, will have a chance to view the exhibition as they enter the boat show.

The exhibition at the Salon Nautique de Paris is the first public event in the Nespresso partnership with Mike Horn. Nespresso and Mike Horn will explore together new and innovative ways to ensure a more sustainable future throughout the Pangaea Expedition.

Contact information:
H.-Joachim Richter
Director, Corporate Communications
Nestlé Nespresso SA
Phone: +41 21 796 9620

About Nestlé Nespresso SA

Nestlé Nespresso SA, the worldwide pioneer and market leader in highest-quality premium portioned coffee, introduces consumers to the world’s finest Grands Crus coffee to be enjoyed in the comfort of their own homes and savoured outside the home, in locations such as gourmet restaurants, upscale hotels, luxury outlets and offices. Nespresso’s offer focuses on its unique Nespresso Trilogy, the unmatched combination of exceptional coffee, smart and stylish coffee machines and personalized customer service. Together, these three elements deliver moments of pure indulgence - the Nespresso Ultimate Coffee Experience. Headquartered in Paudex, Switzerland with more than 3,900 employees, Nestlé Nespresso S.A. sells products in more than 50 countries directly to its customers and at the end of 2008 operated a global retail network of more than 157 exclusive boutiques in key cities around the world. For a third year, it was named the fastest growing brand within the Nestlé Group and one of its "billionaire brands", achieving in 2008 revenue surpassing CHF 2 billion for the first time and maintaining average annual growth of more than 30 percent since 2000.

About Mike Horn
South African Mike Horn is one of the world’s greatest modern adventurer-explorers. He has undertaken exceptional feats of endurance until now and has shown determination and courage which have extended beyond the boundaries of human achievement. His exploits include: Latitude Zero, an 18-month circumnavigation of the Earth around the Equator; the Arktos Expedition, a solo circumnavigation of the Arctic Circle lasting 27 months; the North Pole Winter Expedition, the first ever night expedition to the North Pole, starting from the northernmost point of Russia and ending two months later at the North Pole; and the Himalaya Expedition, summiting two mountains higher that 8000 meters without the use of additional oxygen.

With this experience Mike Horn has now started a new chapter in his life – the Pangaea Expedition – to share his experiences and pass on his knowledge to the younger generation, and to educate the youth about the beauty of our planet and how we can preserve it. For more information, visit

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