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Nespresso invites you to the second Coffee Conversation Symposium

05 February 2015 –

Following the success of the previous edition in Naples in 2013, Nespresso has decided to renew its Coffee Conversation Symposium as part of the third International Congress on Cocoa, Coffee and Tea (CoCoTea).

The quality of the experience

« The quality of the experience » is the theme of the 2nd Coffee Conversation hosted by Nespresso on June 21st, 15:00, Aveiro University. To discuss this we have invited a panel of experts in coffee and related fields, all strongly connected to aspects of consumption.


15:00 Welcome by Karsten Ranitzsch, Nespresso; Dean Sanders, GoodBrand; and Professor Manuel Coimbra, University of Aveiro.

15:10 Peter Giuliano, director of the SCAA Symposium, USA
The experience of holistic quality

What do we mean when we talk about the ‘quality of the experience’? While the coffee community may define quality by way of scorecards, the beverage itself is just one component of quality. Peter will lead us towards the idea of looking at quality as more holistic, from the cup to the surroundings when we enjoy that cup, the human interaction and the deeper meaning of consumption.

15:40 Silvia Rocha, Professor of Chemistry at Aveiro University, Portugal
Unveiling wine and coffee aromas: the molecules, their origin and impact on aroma properties

Silvia will explore how molecular analysis helps to understand the way aroma compounds depend on the plant variety, and consequently play an important role in the differentiation of products. We will hear how this knowledge in combination with appropriate processing methods can help producers to optimise product sensorial aspects. Parallels between wine and coffee will be drawn.

16:10 Melissa Caldwell, Professor of Anthropology at University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
Safe Spaces and Dangerous Grounds: The Place of Morality in Coffee Cultures

Melissa will take us on a journey of coffee consumption in the world and help us understand that the settings in which we enjoy the beverage are profoundly ‘cultural spaces’, where various concerns come to the fore. She will explore how different historical and socio-cultural contexts shape the character of coffee spaces in different countries. Melissa pays particular attention to the way that this influences how people consume coffee together and their total coffee experience.

17:00 Rick Schifferstein, Professor of Industrial Design at Delft University, Netherlands
Understanding and creating consumer experiences

Rick will conclude the presentations by focussing on the understanding and creation of the consumer experience. Rick will describe how elements such as the food presentation, packaging materials, tableware, and consumption situation impact both the consumer experience as well as preference.

17: 30 Panel discussion with Luís Sottomayor – Sogrape Vinhos, Portugal; Georg Riedel - Riedel, Austria; Karsten Ranitzsch – Nespresso, Switzerland
Panel discussion

In order to broaden the discussion, a panel of 3 industrial experts in the fields of coffee and wine will be invited to join the speakers. Each of these experts has direct experience of what it takes to create powerful and meaningful consumer experiences.

The highly reputed winemaker Luís Sottomayor heads the Œnology team for Casa Ferreirinha and all Sogrape Port Wine brands. Luís will contribute to the discussion with his experience of producing high quality port wines.

Georg Riedel, 10th generation owner of Riedel Glassworks, is a passionate glassmaker, with over 40 years experience and specialisation in sensory evaluation, and the research of how the shape and size of a vessel influences our perception of hot and cold beverages. He is the creator of varietal specific stemware.

Karsten Ranitzsch is Head of Coffee at Nespresso and has managed most aspects of the Nespresso coffee value chain, from coffee sourcing, to sustainability, product development and sensory. Karsten’s experience will allow us to relate the various insights we will have gained through the Coffee Conversation back to our favorite beverage: coffee.

18:30 - 19:00 Debate open to the audience


CoCoTea 2015, the international scientific congress on Cocoa, Coffee and Tea

The aim of this congress is to offer an inter-disciplinary arena of discussion for scientists dealing with different aspects (chemistry, technology, metabolomics, nutraceutics, health) of three popular foods stimulating the central nervous system and whose consumption is related with many social and cultural implications.

CoCoTea 2015 will cover all the topics related to cocoa, coffee and tea, giving to the participants the opportunity to share innovative science. Nespresso is pleased to participate actively in this congress and look forward to hosting interesting debates in the University of Aveiro in June 2015.


Join us in Aveiro on the 21st of June