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Nespresso partners with the Bocuse d’Or to crown Europe’s best chefs

04 April 2012 | Brussels, BELGIUM – It starts with talented young chefs from across Europe demonstrating their culinary savoir-faire. Add a flair for creativity, a passion for excellence and a dynamic competitive environment. Combine this all with partners like Nespresso who share a commitment to gastronomy, and you create the perfect recipe for the European Bocuse d’Or culinary competition that took place in Brussels on 20 and 21 March.


A unique coffee partner in the world of fine dining

Nespresso partners with Bocuse d'Or 

Nespresso is a unique coffee partner in the world of fine dining and hospitality,” commented Marco Zancolo, Head of the B2B Channel at Nestlé Nespresso SA. “With our extensive coffee expertise, we are well positioned to help the world’s leading chefs better understand coffee and its potential as part of the overall gastronomic experience. We are proud to collaborate with the Bocuse d’Or and interact with top chefs to infuse the world of high gastronomy with our coffee expertise.”

Since 1987, the Bocuse d’Or has offered up-and-coming chefs worldwide the opportunity to compete for the title of “World’s Best Chef.” To win a place in the global finale in 2013, some 56 countries first compete in national and continental selection trials. Ultimately 24 nations, three individual participants and two “wildcard” contenders reach the finale, which is held in Lyon, France.


A strong commitment to gastronomy

Nespresso has served as the Official Coffee of the Bocuse d’Or since 2008. The company is also an active partner with other events that showcase culinary excellence around the world. This includes Cook it Raw and the World Gourmet Summit.

In addition to its partnerships, Nespresso has created several unique culinary initiatives, such as the Coffee Codex, a complete methodology for tasting coffee dedicated to professional sommeliers; the Nespresso Coffee Sommelier™ Program, a comprehensive training for professional sommeliers to adapt their sensory skills to the world of Nespresso Grand Cru coffees; and the Chef Academy, a unique coffee training program for professional chefs worldwide.

Nespresso is committed to gastronomy, both through its professional coffee offerings and its various initiatives, such as its partnerships with Bocuse d’Or or Cook it Raw, or through its unique Coffee Sommelier™ Program for example,” says Mr. Zancolo. “We believe that our unparalleled Grands Crus offer a natural fit with the world of fine dining. In fact, Nespresso has become the coffee brand of choice for fine dining worldwide.”