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Nespresso shares coffee expertise at the World of Coffee event in Sweden

18 June 2015 | Gothenburg, SWEDEN –

The World of Coffee is Europe's largest annual coffee meeting, gathering some 5000 people with one interest in common: the passion for all things coffee. This year's World of Coffee event was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from June 16-18. The three-day event, organised by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), brings together thousands of coffee manufacturers, producers, exporters, baristas and consumers to taste, discuss and discover new trends in speciality coffee. It is a virtual hive of creative coffee activity.

Present for the 4th consecutive year, Nespresso participated with the goal of sharing its coffee expertise with industry professionals. The booth highlights included the launch of the Aguila 220 with its incredible milk froth, the presentation of the Reveal collection, and a demonstration of the functioning of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. As such, it was a strategic key event for the Swedish launch of the Positive Cup, the new Nespresso sustainability approach. In support, Nespresso experts hosted a number of workshops from sustainability to sensory insights.

Nespresso coffee expertise

The Nespresso booth offered selected expert workshops aimed at giving insight into Nespresso behind the scenes. The workshop on the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program illustrated how we work in close collaboration with farmers in coffee producing countries. Isabelle Gayral, Sustainability Program Manager, gave an overview of the approach of the AAA Program while Shirin Moayyad, Coffee Expertise Leverage Manager, supported this with practical examples by demonstrating the dashboard, the TASQ tool and the Qualitivity guide. The workshop showed in real time our traceability to farmers in countries of origin, and how the program can help the farmer increase their net income through our creating shared value approach. Green coffee experts and farmers alike were highly impressed to learn of our work in the field.

In a second workshop guests were invited to learn about the importance of the ‘perfect’ glass through water, wine and coffee tasting. Edouard Thomas, International Sensory Manager, and Daniella Illerbrand, renowned Swedish coffee sommelier and gastronomy consultant, led participants through a tasting wherein they illustrated how the glass helps express the character of coffee, wine and even water. Gourmet participants were convinced and astonished by the demonstration.

Sweden, being a coffee and milk consuming country, gave us the incentive to invite visitors to learn more about the physics of milk foaming and its chemistry with coffee. Britta Folmer, Coffee Science Manager, explained the challenges to create a perfect milk froth, followed by a tasting session to illustrate how different coffees express their aromatic notes in milk. Guests were highly intrigued by the quality of both the warm and cold froth of the newly launched Aguila 220. Britta also included an innovative tasting of a particularly Swedish product: oat milk.

Chefs’ Sensory Journey


Selected chefs were invited to participate in the Chefs’ Sensory Journey workshop, jointly hosted by SCAE and Nespresso. Chefs were able to discover the world of speciality coffee and gain a better understanding of the complex coffee value chain, learn how to taste coffee and identify its broad aromatic spectrum as well as experience surprising pairings of coffee with various foods. Through the workshop they had the opportunity to understand the specificities of speciality coffee and of the rigorous Nespresso quality management from coffee cherry to coffee cup. With this, they could dive into the richness of coffee aromas and the diversified experiences they can provide to their guests and customers.

The workshop was opened by David Veal, Executive Director for the SCAE. The theoretical part of the workshop was given by Annemarie Tiemes, SCAE Education Field Manager. Edouard Thomas, International Sensory Manager for Nespresso, led the session that focuses on experiencing coffee aromatics through professional coffee tasting techniques. Nespresso coffee sommelier Daniella Illerbrand, who also heads gastronomic consultancy DVLOP, introduced the chefs to the sensory wonders of coffee with food.

Engaging with the coffee community

The World of Coffee event in Gothenburg is part of Nespresso’s aim to continue engaging with coffee professionals and enhance collaborative coffee research with scientific experts worldwide. Many well-known faces were seen on the Nespresso booth and during the workshops, including UK coffee guru James Hoffman, founder of leading sustainable green trader Sustainable Harvest, David Griswold, and CEO of NGO Grounds for Health Guy Stallworthy.

Many participants joined the lecture given by Edouard Thomas on “portion coffee the new reality” as part of the SCAE education seminars.

Women in coffee

This year also saw the inaugural European Women in Coffee Breakfast, an event that has for many years been held at the Specialty Coffee Association of America annual conferences. With the European launch, the SCAE signed a MOU to formalise its support of the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA). In attendance were Andreanne Silén, Britta Folmer, Shirin Moayyad and Lucie Addison.

Last year, Nespresso participated in the World of Coffee event in Rimini, Italy, hosting workshops on coffee origins and the sensory impact of terroirs on coffee. The company also took part in the International Conference on Coffee Research (ASIC) later that year organised by the Colombian Coffee Federation (FNC).

In 2013, the first Nespresso Coffee Conversation symposium was organised with the International Congress on Cocoa, Coffee and Tea (CoCoTea) in Naples, Italy, to discuss how science can help create new value in coffee with scientists and industry experts across the globe.


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