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Nespresso partners with Cook It Raw for fourth consecutive year

13 November 2011 – Nespresso once again shares its commitment to excellence and passion for taste with professionals of haute cuisine. The company took part in this year’s Cook It Raw event in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, as an Official Partner and as the Official Coffee.
A unique Cook it Raw
creation: “Hansei”
by chef David Changgreen

Nespresso has been actively supporting each Cook It Raw event, the most pioneering and innovative culinary concept, since its launch in Copenhagen in 2009.

Cook it Raw is a unique culinary happening that aims to push the boundaries of gastronomy while raising environmental awareness.

Much like Nespresso, Cook It Raw is about innovation, pioneering spirit and sustainable practices. It challenges chefs to think outside the box to create culinary delights with the best local ingredients and with minimum impact on the environment.

“Cook It Raw is the perfect platform for Nespresso, as both brands share a passion for innovation, a commitment to sustainability and both aim to create ultimate moments of indulgence through highest quality,” commented LoïcRéthoré, Market Director Nespresso Japan. “This unique partnership merges excellence, quality and taste and enables us to share our passion for haute cuisine with some of the world’s best chefs. “

All the chefs participating to this year's Cook it Raw

After Denmark, north Italy and Finland, 15 of some of the world’s most talented and avant-garde chefs ventured this year into Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture to create their inventive dishes.

Five of the top chefs selected for this year’s event – Rene Redzepi, Mauro Colagreco, Claude Bosi, Alexandre Gauthier and Alex Atala – have been serving Nespresso coffee to their guests for years.

Nespresso will also support the next two editions of Cook It Raw in Australia and Brazil.