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Ode to Nespresso chocolates

19 October 2011 – A very special tribute to Nespresso Les Chocolats took place at the Nespresso Boutique in the Las Arenas shopping centre in Barcelona, Spain.
Ode to Nespresso Les Chocolats
Miquel de Palol recited his poem about the harmony
between Nespresso Grands Crus and chocolates
during the event.

Club Members will be able to explore new sensorial territories and indulge in the perfect combination between Nespresso coffees and chocolates.

The famous Spanish writer Asha Miró performed as master of ceremony for this very special Ode to Nespresso Chocolates. She presented five tailor-made delightful combinations of Nespresso Les Chocolats and Grand Crus coffees.

Inspired by the sensorial experience provided by each of these pairings, five well-known Spanish poets penned an exclusive poem for Nespresso coffee lovers. Three of them recited their works during the event.

Amongst others, chocolate experts Olivier Fernández, General Director of the Pastry Guild School of Barcelona, Francesc Gil, Director of the Chocolate Museum, and author Adriana Ortemberg, who wrote the book “Pasión por el chocolate” (Passion for chocolate), attended the event.

The exquisite Nespresso Les Chocolats range will be on sale in Spain in four boutiques in Barcelona (Las Arenas, Bonanova 25, Centro Comercial La Maquinista , Paseo de Gracia, 55).

Spain is the fourth country, after Switzerland, Austria and Belgium, to sell Les Chocolats as an exclusive offer to Nespresso Club Members.


Mid-afternoon Rapture
I raised the cup to my lips
and a cloud of sacred bitterness enveloped me
(as coffee’s dark dew has anointed man since time immemorial).

As I bit into the heart of the chocolate,
Suddenly I saw them,
crossing the desert with bundles on their backs,
and I heard the crack of a whip; the blasphemous tongue of a coarse language,
and the air filled with the scent of leather,
and of seeds; berries, roots.
Time passed, bringing with it the smell of cardamom; cayenne; and cumin,
of mustard; cinnamon and saffron.

I walked, barefoot but unafraid,
across the remote sands of Abyssinia,
I lost myself in fertile lands – in Sumatra, in Ceylon,
And, exhausted, I ventured into wetlands, forests,
into highland trails.

I joined up: an unexpected addition, to travel with a clipper,
just returned from the Indies.
The cellars were packed full of sacks of cocoa,
of nutmeg; tobacco; silk,
of gold seized through blood and fire.

In my delirium I drank from them all:
the cup of meditative coffee,
the one from which the captivated poet burnishes his words to turn them into song,
the one of that sleepless night,
one taken by the alchemist, as his elixir,
the felon’s dying wish.

It’s the whole earth in one gulp.
The History of humankind.

My cup of coffee is my world map.


Carlos Marzal
Poem inspired by the pairing of Nespresso Grand Cru Indriya from India and Nespresso Caramel Beurre Salé chocolate

Discover the five original odes, dedicated to the harmony between Nespresso Grands Crus and Les Chocolats


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