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Nespresso reaffirms merit of AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program and rejects Fair Trade Call

Go back to list Lausanne, SWITZERLAND, Sep 9, 2011

Nespresso met today with Solidar Suisse in Bern in an effort to better understand each other’s positions following the launch of Solidar’s online campaign about Fair Trade sourcing.


“We reject the Solidar campaign’s allegations about our farmer relationship and the care and integrity with which we treat them. Nespresso wants to make it very clear that we have nothing to hide. We invite all stakeholders to learn about what we have achieved with coffee farmers on the ground through the AAA program, including Solidar to join us in Colombia” said Guillaume Le Cunff, Director, International Marketing and Strategy, for Nespresso .

Nespresso formally reasserted its strong conviction that the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, co-developed with the Rainforest Alliance, is the right approach for Nespresso and its partner farmers. The AAA program was specifically developed to meet the needs of securing the highest quality coffee in the world, while building a future for partner farmers based on long term profitability, enhanced environmental and social outcomes, and genuine sustainability.

It became clear in the discussion that the central issue of Solidar’s campaign are the differing benchmarks between the Fair Trade and the Rainforest Alliance labels. Nespresso notes Solidar’s concerns about the social dimensions in the Rainforest Alliance standards. Nespresso is confident in all aspects of Rainforest Alliance standards, which are international, expertly informed and independent set. Nonetheless, Nespresso undertook to share these concerns, including a proposal for a third-party standards review, with Rainforest Alliance for response.

It is important to note that in Bern, in February this year, the major label schemes, Fair Trade, UTZ and SAN/Rainforest Alliance issued a joint statement: “We respect each other’s missions and the unique focus each brings. We appreciate diversity in our approach, which enables producers, buyers and consumers to make a choice as to which certification best helps them meet their goals.” Additionally, for more than 10 years, the Fair Trade Labelling Organisation, (FLO) and Rainforest/SAN, together with others, have been working to harmonise principles and unify standards across all programs. Nespresso supports this industry level dialogue and encourages its acceleration. This will lead to less confusion for both farmers and consumers.

Nespresso , as a leading coffee company and reference for the portioned coffee segment, actively manages its business based on values which include collaboration with all the actors of the coffee value chain and sharing the value created. These values reflect the identity of our company and our brand for our employees, our customers and also our long term farmer partners with whom we work a on a daily basis.

Nespresso notes that Solidar agreed that the title of its parody movie wrongly suggested that Nespresso sought to restrict the viewing of the movie. Nespresso at no time, in public or in prisvate, sought to restrain Solidar from sharing its point of view. As a result, Solidar today changed the movie title on YouTube and its website.

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