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New Nestlé Nespresso Production & Distribution Centre in Avenches, Switzerland

Go back to list Avenches, SWITZERLAND, Jun 10, 2009

Nestlé Nespresso S.A. has grown on average 30 percent every year since 2000. The company reached CHF 2 billion in sales in 2008. This was a key milestone for Nespresso. The new Nespresso Production and Distribution Centre in Avenches is a further strategic investment in the company’s journey towards future growth.

To ensure its long-term continued success, Nestlé Nespresso has invested more than CHF 300 million in its Production and Distribution Centre in Avenches. This represents more than onethird of the total Nestlé Nespresso investments in Switzerland over the past 10 years. According to officials, it also represents approximately 17% of all private industry investments in the Canton of Vaud from 2004 to 2007 and almost 70% of the average annual investment during this time period (Source: Service Cantonal de Recherche et d'Information Statistiques).

The construction of this new “Nespresso Centre of Coffee Excellence” is more than just a financial investment. The new Nespresso Production and Distribution Centre in Avenches is about creating value and commitment to the long-term success of the company, the region and Switzerland. The facts speak for themselves. During the construction phase, 400 jobs were created in 2008 and another 150 jobs in 2009. In choosing the site, the availability of qualified specialists played a key role. After construction, the Production and Distribution Centre will nearly double in headcount from 340 employees in 2009 to 600 employees by 2012. With their passion for improving the ultimate coffee experience, they will help to enhance Switzerland’s reputation for high calibre, precision and expertise.

Beyond creating economic value, the new Nespresso Production and Distribution Centre strives to support sustainable long-term growth as well. For example, energy recovered from the new facility is capable of supplying more than 500 households with hot water. At the facility, Nestlé Nespresso has also installed a 1,860m³ rainwater tank, with the rainwater serving as utility water.

At Nestlé Nespresso, quality reigns supreme. It is the foremost preoccupation of Nespresso experts in all areas. The new Nespresso Production and Distribution Centre in Avenches embodies this passion for quality – which consumers the world over have come to expect and enjoy with every cup of Nespresso coffee.

About Nestlé Nespresso SA

Nestlé Nespresso SA, the worldwide pioneer and market leader in highest-quality premium portioned coffee, introduces consumers to the world’s finest Grands Crus coffee to be enjoyed in the comfort of their own homes and savoured outside the home, in locations such as gourmet restaurants, upscale hotels, luxury outlets and offices. Nespresso’s offer focuses on its unique Nespresso Trilogy, the unmatched combination of exceptional coffee, smart and stylish coffee machines and personalized customer service. Together, these three elements deliver moments of pure indulgence - the Nespresso Ultimate Coffee Experience. Headquartered in Paudex, Switzerland with more than 3,900 employees, Nestlé Nespresso S.A. sells products in more than 50 countries directly to its customers and at the end of 2008 operated a global retail network of more than 157 exclusive boutiques in key cities around the world. For a third year, it was named the fastest growing brand within the Nestlé Group and one of its "billionaire brands", achieving in 2008 revenue surpassing CHF 2 billion for the first time and maintaining average annual growth of more than 30 percent since 2000.