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The Ritual Collection by Nespresso : expertly designed to enhance the ultimate coffee experience

Go back to list Lausanne, SWITZERLAND, Sep 1, 2010

Through a passionate pursuit of excellence, driven by continuous innovation and an unfailing commitment to highest quality, Nespresso seeks to continually re-create and enhance the ultimate coffee moment. Nespresso gives utmost importance to every step of the coffee value chain, from the sourcing of the finest quality green coffee around the world, to delivery of the perfect in-cup enjoyment.

The Ritual Espresso

In this continuous quest for excellence, Nespresso called upon Andrée and Olivia Putman, the grandes dames of French design, to conceive a collection of coffee accessories to enhance every aspect of the Nespresso ultimate coffee experience. Combining beauty and the art of tasting, elegant design inside and out, the Ritual Collection is the result of an encounter between two worlds of expertise. The simplicity of the Collection’s design complements the purity of its purpose: to reveal the essence of each ristretto, espresso or cappuccino, in the cup that each coffee deserves to be served in.

At Nespresso , nothing is left to chance - a philosophy which was attentively applied to the creation of the Ritual Collection. Nespresso green coffee experts were asked to define the elements required by coffee accessories to enhance each coffee moment by providing the Nespresso Grands Crus with the optimal setting to reveal all their subtleties. Selecting a Nespresso coffee in the morning, at noon or in the evening is a singular moment of pleasure as Nespresso offers such a wide range of distinct aromas and flavour notes to appeal to a variety of preferences. Each coffee moment therefore also deserves the most appropriate cup and accessory for its enjoyment.

Designers in a class of their own, Andrée and Olivia Putman are famous for their sleek aesthetics and their subtle colour range. For the Nespresso Ritual Collection, they have designed a complete collection of accessories, with sophisticated and timeless lines, to enhance your coffee tastings.

Behind the apparent simplicity of each creation lies the thorough reflection to ensure the sensorial enjoyment of Nespresso Grand Cru coffees. Taking into consideration the technical elements required for perfect in-cup enjoyment as well as the emotional dimensions of coffee moments, the Ritual Collection is a blend of the iconic shape of the Nespresso capsule and traditional porcelain. The cup was inspired by the slender shape of the Grand Cru capsule, with a signature Putman design element slipped in between the cup and the saucer, creating a delightful surprise as the cup is lifted for the enjoyment of the coffee. The Ritual Collection is expertly designed to enhance the ultimate coffee experience by offering each coffee the cup that it deserves for the optimal tasting experience, from a ristretto cup to a recipe glass. The light porcelain used as the main material perfectly preserves the heat of the coffee while the concave bottom of each cup design ensures a smooth flow of the coffee into the cup. Finally, the perfectly round shape allows for optimal crema formation.

The Ritual Collection is the largest accessories collection by Nespresso , consisting of the following creations:

  • Ritual Ristretto cup (25ml)
  • Ritual Espresso cup (40ml)
  • Ritual Lungo cup (110ml)
  • Ritual Cappuccino cup (120ml)
  • Ritual Mug (220ml)
  • Ritual Espresso Spoon
  • Ritual Recipe Spoon
  • Ritual Recipe (350ml)
  • Ritual Water (110ml)
  • Ritual Bowl – 3 different sizes
  • Ritual Swirl – capsules dispenser
  • Ritual Sugar – sugar dispenser
  • Ritual Tray – 2 different sizes

The Ritual Collection by Andrée and Olivia Putman will be available worldwide from Nespresso beginning September 2010.

About Nestlé Nespresso SA

Nestlé Nespresso SA, the worldwide pioneer and market leader in highest-quality premium portioned coffee, introduces consumers to the world’s finest Grand Cru coffees to be enjoyed in the comfort of their own homes and savoured outside the home, in locations such as gourmet restaurants, upscale hotels, luxury outlets and offices. As a company, Nespresso is driven by core competencies that enable it to create highest quality Grand Cru coffees, long lasting consumer relationships, and sustainable business success. The Nespresso offer focuses on its unique Trilogy, the unmatched combination of exceptional coffee, smart and stylish coffee machines and personalised customer service. Together, these three elements deliver moments of pure indulgence – the Nespresso Ultimate Coffee Experiences. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, with more than 4 500 employees, Nestlé Nespresso SA sells products in more than 50 countries directly to its customers. At the end of 2009, it operated a global retail network of more than 190 exclusive boutiques in key cities around the world. For the fourth consecutive year, Nespresso is one of the fastest growing brands within the Nestlé Group and one of its "billionaire brands". In 2009, Nespresso achieved global sales of CHF 2.77 billion, maintaining an average annual growth rate of 30 percent since 2000.

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