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2012: Nespresso milestones in pictures

2012 Nespresso milestones 

Rare Limited Editions, new machines, innovative service offerings and investment in the future marked the year for Nespresso

2012 has been a busy and exciting year for Nestlé Nespresso SA.

From exquisite and rare Grand Cru coffees to cutting edge machines and new service offerings, Nespresso has continued to drive innovation to bring coffee lovers around the globe delightful coffee experiences. The company has also made significant investment in its long-term business strategy through a third production centre and has reached important steps towards meetings its 2013 sustainability commitments.

To read more about the different milestones that paved the Nespresso year, read the articles stored in the News and Features section.

We look forward to continuing surprising and delighting you in 2013.

Best wishes from Nespresso for the New Year!