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Nespresso introduces a rare Andean treasure with the 2015 Pure Origin Limited Edition Perú Secreto


A unique Arabica blend of Peru’s finest green coffee

Nespresso invites coffee lovers to embark on journey of the senses into the Peruvian Andes to discover a remarkable treasure. Perú Secreto, the newest Limited Edition Pure Origin Grand Cru, is a unique Arabica blend sourced from remote coffee farms nestled along the spectacular Andean hillsides and valleys of Peru.

“We know that our Club Members enjoy discovering new tastes, aromas and experiences through our Limited Edition Grands Crus,” says Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nestlé Nespresso SA. “Our coffee experts are excited to take them on a new sensory journey to reveal a well-kept secret in the coffee world – Peru and the exceptional coffee the region produces.”

Introducing a new country to the Pure Origin range

With Perú Secreto, Nespresso invites coffee lovers to discover the taste of Peru, the newest coffee-growing country within the Pure Origin range of Grands Crus. The permanent Pure Origin range currently showcases four iconic countries of origin, with Indriya from India, Rosabaya de Colombia, Dulsão do Brasil and Bukeela ka Ethiopia. Each of these Grand Cru creations is sourced exclusively from a single country of origin and reflects the regions’ distinct flavour profiles.

Perú Secreto Limited Edition, a rare Andean treasure Length: 2:01 Posted: May 22, 2015

Perú Secreto, like the recent Monsoon Malabar from India, will be available for a short time only, due to limited supply. Nespresso coffee experts worked closely with 176 coffee farms in four different areas around the Peruvian Andes to acquire small amounts of exceptional green coffee to create this 100% Arabica blend.

Various factors combine to distinguish this region and the coffee it produces. The subtropical climate provides optimal cultivation conditions, with alternating wet and dry seasons. The high altitude of around 1,500 metres above sea level provides the right amount of sunlight for quality coffee to flourish. Finally, the local Peruvian farmers, working through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, are dedicated in their care of the terroir that provides them with their livelihood. This unique alchemy is the secret behind Perú Secreto.

Perú Secreto, an intense, sweet and round espresso Grand Cru

With an intensity of 8 on a scale of 1 to 12, Perú Secreto is intense, sweet and round with roasted and cocoa notes. This complex yet well balanced Pure Origin espresso also pairs well with milk, as it develops a creamy texture with subtle hints of banana flambé and a rich, lingering finish.


Coffee lovers can discover a selection of delicious recipes based on Perú Secreto at

The stone-like finish on the packaging for Perú Secreto recalls the rugged, mineral-rich rocks of the Andes, the world’s highest mountain range outside of Asia. An ornate design adorning the sleeve invokes the lasting legacy of ancient civilizations in Peru. The brilliant blue metallic capsule refers to the rich microclimate and natural environment that contribute to coffee cultivation in the region.

The Limited Edition Perú Secreto will be available for purchase at Nespresso boutiques worldwide, online and through Nespresso Customer Care Centres for a limited time, starting 18 May 2015.


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