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Nespresso inaugurates new production centre to drive sustainable growth

The production centre was inaugurated by M. Duvoisin,
M. Bula, M. Bulcke, M. Schneider-Ammann,
M. Vonlanthen and M. Brodard

A strategic platform for Nespresso future growth

Two years after laying the cornerstone in 2013, Nespresso inaugurated its third and newest production centre on 10 September 2015. Located in Romont, in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland, the facility will support Nespresso in meeting its ambitions for sustainable growth.

The Romont facility will enable Nespresso to respond to growing consumer demand and support the company in meeting its international growth ambitions. In addition to producing classic Nespresso capsules, Romont will serve as the primary production site for the new VertuoLine Grands Crus. Designed to cater to North American preferences for large-cup coffees, the innovative VertuoLine system was launched in the United States and Canada in March 2014.


A third centre for coffee innovation, excellence and expertise

Like the Nespresso production centres in Avenches and Orbe in the canton of Vaud nearby, the Romont facility is a centre of coffee innovation, excellence and expertise. “Our production centres play a key role in our value chain. This is where top quality green coffee, carefully selected from the world’s best coffee regions, are transformed by our highly skilled coffee experts into Nespresso Grands Crus,” said Jean-Marc Duvoisin, CEO of Nestlé Nespresso during the inauguration ceremony.

Alongside dedicated areas for coffee testing, blending, grinding and roasting, the production centre includes capsule production lines, storage silos for green and roasted coffee, and packaging and logistics areas. Swiss architectural firm Aubert Architectes oversaw the construction of the facility, which has a surface area of 21,000 sq. metres (226,042 sq. ft.). Its potential expansion has been planned into its design.


Romont production centre has achieved new high
sustainability standards

Setting new standards for sustainable operations

With the design, construction and operation of the Romont production centre, Nespresso has raised the bar on its sustainable operations by achieving LEED® Gold certification. LEED, which stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”, is an internationally recognised, rigorous standard for high-performance green building. Its holistic approach addresses aspects such as energy-efficiency and water savings, employee wellbeing and environmentally friendly mobility.

Romont is the first Nespresso production centre, and the first production site of its kind in Switzerland, to obtain LEED Gold certification. It is the 19th Nestlé factory globally to achieve LEED certification.

In addition to strict compliance with the LEED criteria, the Romont production centre is anchored in Nespresso’s global sustainability framework, The Positive Cup. The new facility builds on the sustainability experience gained at the Nespresso production centres in Avenches and Orbe in areas such as energy efficiency, waste separation and recycling. It integrates innovative technology and design to minimise its environmental impact while optimising productivity.

For example, raw materials and VertuoLine capsules are transported by train. The facility was built with 20% recycled materials. Energy generated by roasters and air compressors is fully recovered to heat the production centre. Triple glazed windows and LED lighting further reduce energy consumption by 18%. Surplus heat will be supplied to the Romont district heating scheme. Photovoltaic panels covering the roof enable the facility to generate solar energy that will be managed by the renewable energy company, Group E Greenwatt.


Nespresso has invested CHF300 million in the production

Long-term investment in Switzerland

The Romont production centre also reflects Nespresso’s ongoing commitment to Switzerland. Its strategic location allows the company to draw on Swiss excellence while building on existing Nespresso expertise in Switzerland, and also have a positive economic and social impact in the region.

“We are an international brand with Swiss roots. This is reflected in the core values we share, such as precision, innovation, quality, expertise and creativity. The solid and reliable infrastructure Switzerland offers, along with its skilled workforce, are strategic factors that guarantee the quality that Nespresso stands for,” said Paul Bulcke, CEO of Nestlé.

Nespresso has invested CHF300 million in the production centre. It has already created 125 skilled, direct jobs. More than 25 local companies participated in the site’s construction, representing 60% of its total budget.

Since 2002, Nespresso has invested more than CHF1.1 billion in its industrial facilities in the cantons of Vaud and Fribourg. There are currently over 2,300 Nespresso employees in Switzerland, which is also home to the company’s global headquarters.

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