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Nespresso announces new boutiques with re-designed shopping experience

Eliminating the barriers between the customer
and the Nespresso Coffee Specialists

Enhancing one-on-one customer service

In its ongoing quest to heighten the customer experience, Nespresso is piloting a re-design of its customer shopping experience. This entirely new approach eliminates the barriers between the customer and the Nespresso Coffee Specialists, allowing for greater one-on-one service. As of November 2015, three new boutiques trialling the concept will open in key locations: London, Rotterdam and Paris. 

Matteo Bressanin, Nespresso Global Retail Manager commented: “We’re excited to announce the latest development in the Nespresso retail experience, which is set to elevate the Nespresso shopping journey for our customers. Our aim is to always provide the highest level of customer service, which includes delivering a personalised experience, improving efficiency and providing even greater access to our knowledgeable Coffee Specialists. As a business, we are committed to innovation and providing the ultimate coffee experience. We believe this concept evolution is integral to this.”

Nespresso Coffee Specialists will use tablets
to place customers orders

Mobile technology for a seamless experience

Responding to consumer desire for an increasingly seamless personal shopping experience, these pilot boutiques will leverage mobile technology with Nespresso Coffee Specialists now equipped with tablet computers. The specialist will use the tablets to place customers’ orders. The orders are swiftly prepared at the back of the boutique, ready for the customer to take home.

Not only does this make the ordering process smoother, it also maximises the quality time spent with customers. Nespresso Coffee Specialists become personal coffee advisors, who share their expertise, recommend Grands Crus and guide customers through the coffee experience from start to finish.

The interior design of the boutiques will underpin this enhanced shopping experience, with new, open-plan spaces. The boutiques will retain the instantly recognisable capsule wall, which showcases the Nespresso permanent range of 23 Grands Crus.


The interior design of the boutiques will enhance the
shopping experience, featuring open-plan spaces

Pilot boutiques in key locations

Nespresso Club Members and coffee lovers are invited to enjoy the new retail experience at three pilot boutiques at exclusive international shopping destinations.

The first opens on 13th November in London, England at Bluewater Shopping Centre, followed by openings in mid-December in the Netherlands at Rotterdam Meent Timmerhuis and in France at Paris La Défense CNIT.

The innovative retail concept introduced at these three new boutiques is set to transform the way premium portioned coffee is purchased in the future. 


Consumer-centric approach to retail innovation

Nespresso continuously strives to deliver the highest quality of customer service by introducing new retail concepts and personalised experiences for its Club Members. By nurturing direct relationships with its Club Members, Nespresso can anticipate and respond to consumers’ needs and preferences in terms of choice, availability and services.

Recent innovations at Nespresso boutiques over the last five years include the introduction of Self-Selection areas with automatic checkout using RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology, and Pick-Up desks where time-pressed consumers can collect pre-ordered products.

2013 saw the premiere of the Nespresso Cube, a fully automated boutique for the convenient purchasing of Nespresso coffee sleeves.

The first Nespresso Cafe opened in Vienna in 2015, combining a premium coffee shop and take-away service with the Nespresso Cube. A second Nespresso Café is scheduled to open in London in early 2016.