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Nespresso wins the first Vaud International Business Award, the recognition of long-term contributions to local economy

From left to right: Mr Duvoisin, Nespresso CEO
Mrs Amstein, Director of CVCI
Mr Petitpierre, President of DEV
Mr Leuba, Minister of Economy and Sports

Nespresso awarded for contributions to local economy

Nespresso has received the first ever Vaud International Business Award. Nespresso CEO Jean-Marc Duvoisin accepted the award, given by the Canton of Vaud’s Department of Economy and Sport, the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI), and the Canton of Vaud Economic Development Department (DEV), on November 27 at a ceremony at IMD Business School in Lausanne.

“This is obviously a great honour for Nespresso to be recognized with this award. It demonstrates that Nespresso shares common values with Vaud such as quality, innovation and know-how, as well as quality of life,” said Mr Duvoisin. “It is also a powerful symbol and recognition of the work of all employees who have contributed to the success of Nespresso since its inception. The canton has given us a lot and I believe that we’ve given back. We shouldn’t forget that Nespresso was born here in 1986. This is where our first capsules were produced and continue to be, this is where our success-story started.”

The canton of Vaud provides a favourable economic environment

The ceremony was also the occasion to emphasize the attractiveness of the canton and the importance of a stimulating economic situation for international companies. The canton of Vaud is considered one of the most dynamic and innovative thanks to a welcoming economic environment that benefits to both local and international companies. “A very important factor of attraction for the companies to develop in the canton of Vaud is the high level of optimism of the people,” added Mr Duvoisin. “We have the tendency to underestimate it but optimism is what gives you confidence in the future and convinces you to invest.” Over the last 12 years, Nespresso has invested over CHF 700 million in the canton.

The jury which selected the winners said Nespresso was recognized for its contributions to the international reputation of Vaud, for its local production, the creation of sustainable employment and its international expansion. Nespresso was awarded first place in the category of Swiss companies which export abroad; Medtronic was awarded first place in the category of foreign companies doing business in Vaud.