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Sail away to the discovery of the new Monsoon Malabar Limited Edition

Modern know-how meets historic coffee process

Nespresso goes to great lengths to create extraordinary coffee experiences and the much anticipated, Limited Edition Grands Crus are designed to continuously surprise and delight Club Members and coffee lovers with new aromas and flavours. This new Limited Edition Grand Cru Monsoon Malabar will take coffee lovers on a voyage of discovery. As you savour the beautiful aroma and distinctive flavour of this very special coffee bean, the legendary story behind the new Grand Cru will transport you to another time and place.

With the new Limited Edition, Nespresso has combined all of the modern know-how of the coffee experts, a historic coffee process that takes place on the Malabar Coast and the highest quality coffee beans to create a beautiful coffee experience.


When Grand Cru coffee sails through History

The story which inspired this Grand Cru begins more than three centuries ago, when coffee grown in Southern India was loaded onto the wooden-hulled sailing ships of the British East Indian Company, bound for Europe. During a 6-month trip around the Cape of Good Hope, at the extremity of the African continent, the peculiar effect of the humidity and tropical sea winds encountered caused the beans to swell and age in a truly unique way, giving the coffee beans their exceptional aroma and a very special mellow texture. A new way into Europe was created with the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, cutting the coffee transport time and losing the flavour that had then become the norm for Indian coffee.

Combined with milk froth, Monsoon Malabar will give
a creamy and mellow latte macchiato

Solutions were then found in the coffee industry to recreate the exceptional flavour of the Indian coffee from Malabar. Indeed, in order to concoct this genuine coffee taste, a process was created called “monsooning”. In ventilated warehouses, the coffee beans are exposed to the tropical monsoon winds, a process performed close to the sea on the Indian Malabar Coast for a period of two to three months, when the north east monsoon lashes the Western coast line. Nespresso honours the tradition and culture that Monsoon Malabar coffee represents and brings this to life with real skill and expertise.


A full-bodied Limited Edition

With an intensity of 8, Monsoon Malabar is an intense coffee that will delight those looking for strength thanks to its bold character and its unique taste. It offers an incredible silky-texture and remains powerful yet very indulgent. Monsoon Malabar also possesses the perfect profile to be paired with milk, which reveals cereal aromas while keeping its intense character. Enjoyed as a cappuccino, the Monsoon Malabar Grand Cru is a balanced and flavourful indulgence that brings out delicious cereal and biscuit notes with delicate woody and nutty hints. Combined with the smoothness of milk froth, the rich body of Monsoon Malabar creates a creamy, mellow latte macchiato, enhanced with toasted biscuit and cereal notes.

A selection of delicious recipes based on the Limited Edition Monsoon Malabar will be made available on the Ultimate Coffee Creations website . Monsoon Malabar will be available from March 30th, 2015 for a limited period of time.


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