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Atelier Nespresso brings unsurpassed culinary experiences to Belgium

Top-ranking chefs and sommeliers joined fine dining
lovers in Antwerp Belgium

Antwerp, a key city in the Nespresso value chain

Top-ranking chefs and sommeliers have joined fine dining lovers on a culinary voyage of discovery at the Atelier Nespresso, held from 8–18 October 2015 for the first time in Antwerp, Belgium.

The location, set in a beautiful building on the left bank of the Scheldt River close to the Antwerp harbour, was not chosen randomly. The port of Antwerp on the North Sea plays a key role in receiving Nespresso’s green coffee beans that arrive by ship from the world’s best coffee origins. From there, the green coffee undergoes strict quality checks before being sent by train to Nespresso production centres in Switzerland.

“After hosting our popular Atelier Nespresso during Bocuse d’Or in Lyon earlier this year, we are thrilled to premiere the event in the international port city of Antwerp, which plays such a central role in the Nespresso value chain,” said Stéphane Detaille, Nespresso Global Sponsoring & Events Manager. “At the Atelier Nespresso, our guests can not only learn more about their favourite Grands Crus, but also how to enjoy them in surprising culinary creations that delight the senses.”


Uniquely crafted coffee and food pairing menus

A gastronomic journey through the world of coffee

Over the course of 10 days, Atelier Nespresso pays tribute to the highest quality coffee that Nespresso sources from around the world. Per session, 20 to 50 guests are invited to take part in brunch, lunch, afternoon “moment gourmand” or dinner. They can watch as distinguished chefs work together as four hands to craft unique menus integrating Nespresso Grands Crus from Africa, Central/South America or Asia.

Two hands-on workshops prior to each meal enable guests to expand their coffee expertise. Guided by skilled bartenders, participants can prepare delightful and innovative coffee cocktails. They can also discover how Nespresso Grands Crus are created from bean to cup, with an introduction to coffee roasting and tasting by Nespresso coffee experts.


Delightful and innovative Bukeela
coffee cocktail

Leading Belgian chefs pay tribute to Nespresso Grands Crus

The exclusive gastronomic event showcases Belgium’s top culinary talents, with eight chefs, two sommeliers and two bartenders.

They include celebrated chefs Joost Arijs (Joost Arijs), Filip Claeys (De Jonkman), Roger Van Damme (Het Gebaar), Jean-Philippe Darcis (Darcis), Thomas Locus (Bistro Margaux), David Martin (La Paix), Arabelle Meirlaen (Arabelle Meirlaen) and Stéphanie Thunus (Au Gré du Vent).

Andy De Brouwer (Les Eleveurs) and Yanick Dehandschutter (Sir Kwinten), Sommeliers of the Year for 2015 and 2012, respectively, as well as Belgium’s Best Bartenders, Hannah Van Ongevalle and Ran Van Ongevalle (both The Pharmacy) will be present to pair each meal with the fitting wines, Nespresso Grand Cru coffees and coffee-based cocktails.


Atelier Nespresso, a unique gastronomic experience

An epicurean fusion of coffee and gastronomy, the Atelier Nespresso is an exclusive event held periodically throughout the year at exclusive locations around the world. It brings together Nespresso coffee experts and acclaimed chefs, sommeliers and bartenders with Nespresso Club Members and international VIP guests for a unique gastronomic experience dedicated to the art of food and coffee pairing.

Discover the chefs’ exclusive recipes at


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