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Champs-Élysées boutique reopens with enhanced design and services

Star boutique shines even brighter

After four months of extensive renovation work, the Nespresso flagship boutique at 119 Avenue de Champs-Élysées in Paris reopened on October 14, offering a fresh design and an expanded range of innovative personalised services, including the first integrated Nespresso Cube kiosk.

“The Champs-Élysées boutique is truly our ‘star boutique’ and we are proud to let it shine even more strongly,” said Christophe Cornu, Chief Commercial Officer at Nestlé Nespresso SA. “We have completely redesigned the boutique to reinforce the brand’s premium positioning and enhance the Club Member experience with a range of innovative services.”


Interior redesign reflects brand essence

The Nespresso Bar, completely redesigned in pale oak
wood, provides an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.

The Nespresso Champs-Élysées flagship boutique is located on one of world’s the most glamorous avenues, just a few steps away from the iconic Arc de Triomphe. First opened in December 2007, it continues to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. At around 1,500 square metres in size, the company’s largest boutique has now been completely redone. Its new visual concept was developed in cooperation with Italian architect Aldo Parisotto of Parisotto e Formenton and was first used in the Nespresso San Francisco flagship boutique that opened in 2013.

A subtle colour palette from dark brown to caramel and cream evokes the perfection of a Nespresso Grand Cru coffee. Steel and wood are combined to blend technology and warmth. The furnishings are inspired by the two geometric forms associated with the Nespresso brand identity: the square, which incorporates the pictogram of the logo; and the circle, which represents the shape of the cup and the Grand Cru capsules.

The pure, sleek lines of the interior design guide Club Members on their journey through the boutique, which extends across two levels. A stunning lighting installation illuminates the Machine Gallery at its heart. New structural elements accentuate the boutique’s signature central winding staircase. To celebrate the grand reopening and the holiday season, the main display features a giant transparent capsule containing models of the major national monuments in Paris.


Innovative services enhance consumer experience

The new Self Selection area unites innovation, practicality
and speed. Customers can choose their Grand Cru sleeves
in a matter of seconds and pay at automated kiosks.

A staff of around 60 Nespresso coffee specialists attend to customers’ specific needs, offering an expanded palette of personalised boutique experiences. Club Members already well acquainted with the Nespresso range of 22 Grands Crus will appreciate the new Self-Selection area , which unites innovation, convenience and speed. Here, they can hand pick individual sleeves of their favourite Grand Cru capsulescoffees at their own pace and check-out automatically thanks to radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Those pressed for time can place orders up to one hour earlier by phone, online or via the Nespresso smart phone app, fetching them at the boutique Pick-Up area. In the Recycling area, used Nespresso capsules are collected for recycling and revalorisation of both the aluminium capsule and the spent coffee grounds inside them.

Moving on to the upper level, design lovers can explore the range of award-winning Nespresso machines and the distinct accessories collections created in cooperation with renowned designers. Other services include the Tasting Area, the Club and the Atelier of Expertise, where Club Members can depend their understanding of the Nespresso universe.

The Nespresso Bar, previously in the back of the boutique, was completely redesigned and relocated to the front of the ground floor level. Designed in pale oak wood, it provides an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. select bites and expanded offerings for lunch and dinner accompany a refreshing range of Nespresso Grand Cru coffee recipes. Starting in May 2015, a seasonal café terrace will allow Nespresso lovers to enjoy their Grand Cru coffees while taking in the enchanting ambience of the Champs-Élysées.


The Nespresso Cube is an automated boutique
accessible 24/7 where customers place their order via
touch screen and get their orders within seconds.

Automated Nespresso Cube pushes the limits of personalised services

Champs-Élysées is the first Nespresso boutique with an integrated Nespresso Cube, the new fully automated retail experience. The Nespresso Cube is accessible outside of regular boutique opening hours, including all day Sunday. Only 9 square metres large, the unique compact space holds up to 25,000 capsules. Customers place their order via touch screen and can watch through the transparent window as robotic arms quickly prepare their selection. State-of-the art technology enables the Nespresso Cube to process any multi-product order in a matter of seconds.


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