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Coffee and caramel collide with launch of new Caramelizio for Nespresso Vertuoline

VertuoLine welcomes its first additional

Nespresso is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the VertuoLine system with the launch of Caramelizio. The new is the first large-cup coffee addition to the VertuoLine, which is sold in North America and brews both a large-cup coffee and authentic espresso.

The caramel-flavored Caramelizio joins two of the other most popular coffee flavors, vanilla (Vanizio) and hazelnut (Hazelino), in the Nespresso permanent range of VertuoLine Grands Crus.

A desire to appeal to sophisticated North American coffee drinkers

The revolutionary VertuoLine system was launched in 2014 and has been designed to appeal to the North American coffee drinker with delightfully sophisticated tastes. Caramelizio is being added to the VertuoLine collection in the United States and Canada as of March 2015.

Caramelizio is an important launch for Nespresso as we expand our VertuoLine range to appeal to the coffee-drinking preferences of our American consumers,” said Guillaume Le Cunff, President, Nespresso USA. “With knowledge of how American consumers are enjoying their coffee, we intend to further expand the range to meet their needs and deliver the quality and taste Nespresso is known for in both large-cup and espresso offerings.”

A perfectly balanced coffee selection

Nespresso coffee experts have perfectly balanced lightly roasted Brazilian and Central American Arabica beans, sourced from the world’s top 1-2% of coffee, with the delicate notes of caramelized sugar and subtle scents of vanilla. Caramelizio is a light roast and has an intensity of six on the Nespresso scale of one to twelve. Caramelizio, and all VertuoLine Grands Crus, features the Nespresso signature crema. The rich, generous crema is the sign of a world-class coffee and represents unprecedented quality.

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