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Explorer Mike Horn and Nespresso: together for a more sustainable future

Mike Horn
Explorer Mike Horn is Nespresso
Ecolaboration™ ambassador

A shared commitment to sustainability

He has hiked to the North Pole in the dark of winter. Pulled a 200-kg sled 20 hours a day for three months across constantly shifting ice. And literally walked around the world at Latitude Zero (the Equator). Yet he’s always ready for a new challenge. Since 2009, explorer Mike Horn has also partnered with Nespresso to create a more sustainable future via the company’s Ecolaboration™ sustainability platform.

“I believe that if you’re willing to commit to sustainability, people will support your ideas,” said the explorer and Nespresso Ecolaboration™ ambassador. “By working together with ingenuity, drive and courage, we can complement each other and find new inspiration, hope and ambition.”

As part of his commitment to sustainability, Mike Horn leads young people on remarkable expeditions to discover nature. His goal is simple: to educate youth to preserve nature.


An environmentally friendly boat in aluminium

The mission of Pangaea Expedition is to enhance respect of the environment. The expedition’s boat was thus built in an environmentally friendly way. It integrates tools to produce energy with the lowest possible level of emissions and pollution.

When it came to choosing the right material, aluminium was the obvious choice. Technically it performs very well in extreme temperatures. It is very light, resistant and durable. Aluminiumcan be recycled many times without loosing its qualities. And recycling aluminium uses only 5% of the energy required to produce it.


Mike Horn as ambassador of Ecolaboration™, the Nespresso sustainability platform


“Mike Horn is one of the top explorers of our time,” said Richard Girardot, CEO of Nestlé Nespresso SA. “We share common values. His commitment to a sustainable future and his efforts to educate youth about conservation issues make him a natural partner and ambassador for Ecolaboration™.”

Nespresso established the Ecolaboration™ sustainability platform in 2009. The approach is to work together with our partnersto protect the supply of our highest quality coffees; to manage the social and environmental impacts of our business; and to improve the lives of coffee farmers and their communities. 

Within the framework of Ecolaboration™, the company aims to achieve three targets by 2013:
  • Sourcing 80% of its coffee through its unique AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, including Rainforest Alliance certification;
  • Establishing systems to increase its capacity to recycle used capsules to 75%; and
  • Reducing the overall carbon footprint required to produce every cup of Nespresso by 20%.


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