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First Nespresso Coffee Experiential Centre opens in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Experiential Centre - tasting coffee 

Discovering the subtleties of finest coffees

Nespresso officially opened the world’s first Coffee Experiential Centre (CEC) in Omotesando, the famous upscale shopping area in central Tokyo, Japan. The company expects more than 10,000 Japanese coffee lovers to attend discovery sessions at the CEC in 2012.

 “We want to take our Japanese Club Members on a journey to explore the world’s finest coffees. Through the Nespresso Coffee Experiential Centre, we offer them a unique opportunity to discover the diversity of the Nespresso coffees,” said Loïc Réthoré, Market Director of Nespresso Japan.  “Just as with the finest tea varieties that they cherish, Japanese consumers will be able to explore the subtleties and richness of our Grands Crus in terms of the tastes and aromas that our coffee experts have created,” he said. “Just as tea lovers have their preferred blends or varieties, our Club Members can discover the Grand Cru coffees that suit them best at each moment of the day.”

At the Nespresso CEC, our Club Members enter the world of Grand Cru coffees, discover the ritual of coffee tasting and awaken their senses to the range of Nespresso coffee profiles. They also learn to preparing coffee recipes that they can later make at home for their family and friends.


An exclusive and innovative experience for Club Members

The CEC is exclusively open to Nespresso Club Members on advanced reservation only.  This innovative initiative is a way of building and strengthening our relationships with our Club Members by providing them with a unique and personalised experience.

Nespresso created its unique Coffee Experiential Centre after a successful series of Coffee Experiential Workshops conducted in Tokyo. From January 2010 until September 2011, more than 4,000 Japanese consumers took part in the workshops where they explored the multi-faceted universe of highest quality coffee.

Nespresso will open its second Coffee Experiential Centre in Osaka, the second largest city in Japan later in January.