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Modern design meets PURE elegance in Nespresso’s new porcelain collection

The range of PURE Collection Cups

Swiss design blends beauty with function

Synonymous with style and innovation, Nespresso gives traditional materials a modern geometric finish for its newest porcelain accessory range, the PURE Collection. In addition to its high aesthetic appeal, this elegant collection was designed to heighten the intensity and aromas of the coffee for an extraordinary coffee tasting experience.

Nespresso collaborated with award winning Swiss design studio BIG-GAME, which was founded in 2004 by Augustin Scott de Martinville (France), Elric Petit (Belgium) and Grégoire Jeanmonod (Switzerland).

“We were challenged by the sensory experts at Nespresso to create a collection that fused timeless materials with contemporary design,” said Augustin Scott de Martinville of BIG-GAME.

The BIG-GAME team who designed the PURE Collection

Essential, classic and smart

Over the course of a year, the designers worked closely with the Nespresso Accessories Product Manager and Sensory Team to develop the collection of cups and saucers. Close attention was given to every detail, to ensure the best possible coffee experience, both aesthetically and practically.

The collection’s crisp angles and gentle curves draw inspiration from iconic Nespresso shapes. The Nespresso monogram logo is reflected in the cups’ unique square base, which plugs neatly into the saucers’ square socket. The rounded cup handle evokes the shape of the Nespresso capsule. The bright white colour with a mix of matte and gloss finishes balances contemporary design with classical porcelain.

Each of the skilfully designed cups – Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino and Mug – was given a different thickness to ensure optimum temperature, relative to size and shape. The convex base of the Espresso and Lungo cups and Mug allows for the smooth flow of coffee into the cup and a perfect crema. In contrast, the Cappuccino cup is concave, so that coffee and milk blend easily for a delicious, frothy finish.

“Not only is Nespresso about premium coffee, it is also very innovative. It has a wonderful history of working with designers to create the most forward thinking machines and accessories. It has also come up with ideas which are a bit disruptive and we wanted to keep a bit of this essence within our collection,” said de Martinville.

The new PURE Collection Espresso cup

A range of cups for every occasion

The PURE Collection comprises four different sized cups for every coffee preference throughout the day, from a morning cappuccino to an after-dinner espresso.

Six premium sets are available: 2 Espresso cups (80 ml) with matching saucers; 2 Lungo cups (180 ml) with matching saucers; 2 Cappuccino cups (180 ml) with matching saucers; 2 Mugs (300 ml) with matching saucers; 2 Espresso cups & 2 Lungo cups with 4 matching saucers; 2 Espresso cups & 2 Cappuccino cups with 4 matching saucers.


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