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Nespresso brings taste of Brazil Pure Origin to business customers

Nespresso professional customers can now enjoy
the pure taste of Brazil in its newest Grand Cru,
Espresso Origin Brazil.

B2B coffee range expands to 10 Grands Crus

Nespresso Business Solutions now offers its professional customers the pure taste of Brazil. Espresso Origin Brazil joins Ristretto Origin India as the second Grand Cru composed of coffee beans from a single country. Its addition expands the Nespresso professional range of coffees to 10. Customers in all Nespresso business channels can now discover the evocative spirit of these respective terroirs in the new Pure Origin range.

Nespresso is chosen by professional customers and coffee lovers for out-of-home consumption for its ability to create extraordinary coffee experiences. The decision to expand our Pure Origin range was influenced by our direct dialogue with customers,” said Oliver Perquy, Head of B2B, Nestlé Nespresso SA.


A journey of the senses uncovers the spirit of Brazilian terroir

Espresso Origin Brazil is a mild blend with an intensity of 4. Its smooth, velvety texture seduces the palate. Elegant aromatics with notes of sweet cereal combine harmoniously with milk when prepared as a Cappuccino or a Latte Macchiato.

Nespresso coffee experts carefully blended two specialty Arabica varieties to achieve the delicate taste of the Espresso Origin Brazil. A Cerrado Arabica is roasted lightly and shortly to highlight its rich complexity and give roundness on the palate. A sun-dried red and yellow Bourbon Arabica is slowly roasted to give the espresso a mellow, subtly sweet and aromatic flavour.

The capsules of the two Pure Origin Grands Crus, Espresso Origin Brazil and Ristretto Origin India, are easy to identify. Distinguishing colours reflect their intensity, while decorative symbols represent distinctive vegetal elements from each country of origin.


Solutions to professional needs in over 50 countries

Since 1996, the business-to-business team at Nespresso has grown to provide its range of products and services to professional customers in more than 50 countries. From its dedicated professional machine range and premium coffee selection to unrivalled value-added customer service, Nespresso Business Solutions are designed to meet the needs of the most discerning hosts in the world’s foremost hotels and restaurants, as well as those of Nespresso business customers around the globe.


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