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Nespresso celebrates the Italian cities of Milano and Palermo with two new Limited Editions

Introducing two new Limited Editions that celebrate
the unique coffee cultures of Milan and Palermo

Honouring the diverse coffee culture of Italy

Every year, Nespresso creates eagerly anticipated Limited Edition coffees to continually surprise and delight as well as deliver new sensory pleasures to some of the world’s most discerning coffee lovers. For its newest coffee innovations, Tribute to Milano and Tribute to Palermo, Nespresso drew inspiration from two vibrant and contrasting cities in Italy that reflect the country’s rich and diverse coffee cultures.

“Following the launch of our Trieste and Napoli Limited Edition coffees, we wanted to continue our tribute to Italy by paying homage to the unique coffee cultures of Milan and Palermo,” said Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nestlé Nespresso SA.

Tribute to Milano, elegant and aromatic

Tribute to Milano reflects the elegant and vibrant city of Milan. In the hustle and bustle of this cosmopolitan city in northern Italy, coffee is often enjoyed at a fast pace while standing at the bar.

Elegant and highly aromatic, Tribute to Milano is a blend of Arabicas from South and Central America, reinforced with a washed Guatemalan Robusta. The Arabicas in the blend are roasted light yet long to highlight their natural sweetness, while the Robusta is roasted long and dark. The result is a delightful equilibrium between fine fruity aromas and a sweet cereal note, with an intensity of 9.

Tribute to Palermo is inspired by the scents
of the Sicilian outdoor markets

Tribute to Palermo, rich and spicy

In contrast, Tribute to Palermo is powerful, rich and spicy reflecting the rustic spirit of Palermo in southern Italy, whose residents tend to prefer a stronger coffee than in the north. Nespresso coffee experts were inspired by the scents of the Sicilian outdoor markets, alive with colourful spices.

Tribute to Palermo is a powerful, bitter blend of African Arabicas and Robustas, intensely roasted to bring out aromas of cacao and peppery notes. The Robusta coffee in the blend is roasted dark, while the Arabicas are roasted to a medium colour. A long roasting time enables the aromas to fully unfold, while maintaining the specificities of the origins. With an intensity of 11, this full-bodied Grand Cru is enhanced by a silky texture for mouth-filling pleasure.

Both Limited Edition Grands Crus can be enjoyed black, especially in a short cup, 25 ml (Ristretto) or 40 ml (Espresso) cup. They also blend perfectly with milk. Enjoyed as a Latte Macchiato, Tribute to Milano expresses its intensity as a creamier milder taste with caramel aromas. Tribute to Palermo can be savoured in a Cappuccino without sacrificing any of this blend’s full body and powerful character.

Tribute to Milano and Tribute to Palermo are perfectly
suited to be savoured as Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino

Enjoy an intense experience

The limited editions Tribute to Milano and Tribute to Palermo are available for purchase for a limited time at Nespresso boutiques worldwide, online and through Nespresso customer care centres, starting 1 September 2015.

For coffee connoisseurs interested in exploring other Nespresso Grands Crus with intense characteristics, a limited edition five-sleeve packet offers one sleeve each of Tribute to Milano, Tribute to Palermo, Ristretto, Dharkan and Arpeggio.


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