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Nespresso expands VertuoLine range to include Evoluo machine and Intenso

Introducing the Evoluo machine to the VertuoLine range

Inviting coffee lovers to discover a new approach to coffee

Nespresso continues to reframe the perception of coffee in North America with the latest innovations to its VertuoLine machine and coffee range. This fall sees the introduction of the Evoluo machines and the expansion of the VertuoLine coffee range. They follow the successful 2014 launch of VertuoLine – the first-ever Nespresso system to brew both large-cup coffee and authentic espresso at the touch of a button.


More options with two Evoluo machines

Evoluo appeals to all style preferences and needs.

Innovation and design is at the heart of Nespresso. As part of its quest to consistently deliver the highest quality coffee, Nespresso is continually evolving its machine offerings.

Evoluo adds convenient features and design changes to VertuoLine. They include five adjustable positions for optimal cup positioning whether brewing an espresso, cappuccino, large-cup coffee or iced coffee beverage. With five colour options and two style and size choices, Evoluo appeals to all style preferences and needs.

Evoluo comes with a water tank capacity of 40 oz. (1.2 L) and is available in the colours Cherry Red and Black. Evoluo Deluxe has new chrome features and is slightly larger, with a 54 oz. (1.5 L) water tank, and is available in Titanium, Silver and Piano Black.


Using the unique and innovative Centrifusion™ and barcode reading technology of the VertuoLine system, Evoluo brews both large-cup, high-quality coffee and authentic espresso with ease and effortless maintenance. This technology guarantees that each precisely portioned cup of coffee is brewed to perfection and finished with a silky and generous crema – a sign of world-class coffee.


New delightfully thick and rich Intenso.

Intenso delivers espresso-strength aromatics in a large-cup

Delightfully thick and rich, Intenso is a striking addition to the permanent VertuoLine coffee range.

Developed specifically with the needs and preferences of intense coffee-lovers in mind, Intenso provides the richness of an Italian espresso, in the size of a regular cup of coffee. With its intensity of nine on the Nespresso scale of one to twelve, Intenso is the strongest aromatic coffee.

Nespresso coffee experts created this new blend from highest quality Guatemalan Robusta and Latin American Arabica coffee beans, which undergo a two-split short and dark roasting process. This process gives Intenso its bold brown sugar and roasted notes that take the level of intensity to unprecedented levels.

The VertuoLine range now features ten large-cup coffees and four espresso blends with different intensities and taste profiles to please the most discriminating coffee drinkers. The range includes three exceptional flavoured coffees (Vanilla, Caramel and Hazelnut), a half-caffeinated espresso and two decaffeinated varieties (one coffee and one espresso).

Available in the United States and Canada

VertuoLine machines and coffees are available throughout North America at Nespresso Boutiques, Nespresso Boutique-in-Shop locations, select retailers (machines only), through the Nespresso Club (1.877.964.6299) and at


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