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Nespresso launches first-ever TV campaign in the U.S.

Driving awareness of the Nespresso brand


Nespresso launched nationally on 30 April 2012 its first TV commercial in the United States. The creative concept, “The best café. Yours.” connects the European-style coffee experience to the values and aspirations of the American coffee connoisseur.

“The launch of this first U.S. television advertising campaign signals the growth and popularity that Nespresso has experienced among American consumers since entering the U.S. market over ten years ago, and increased demand for high-quality portioned coffee at home,” said Frédéric Lévy, Market Director of Nespresso North America. “This campaign aims to drive further the awareness of the Nespresso brand and the Nespresso coffee experience in the American market."


"The best café. Yours"

The 30-second TV spot features the simplicity behind the Nespresso revolutionary concept: enabling anyone to create the perfect cup of espresso coffee at home, just like a skilled barista in a café.

"The goal of the television ad is to showcase the sophistication and self-confidence that the brand evokes among consumers,” said Franz Niedermair, Vice President of Marketing, Nespresso North America. “There is a charming humor we aim to exude – Nespresso gives you little moments of daily luxury and pleasure through a refined coffee experience, in the comfort of your home, even if you’ve just stepped out of the shower."

In the United States, a “café” is considered a place where one can have high-quality, European-style coffees, such as espressos, cappuccinos or lattés. The tagline for the TV campaign, “The best café. Yours”, reinforces the Nespresso focus on consumer-relevant benefits that shape the experience of our brand: quality, innovation and design, and our unmatched personalised service. While enabling any coffee lover to recreate simply the best café experience at home.


A uniquely American feel

The commercial was filmed in a modern apartment in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, a high-end fashionable neighborhood in downtown Manhattan.

It was directed by Michael Housmann, an internationally acclaimed and award-winning commercial director. Some of his other works include commercials for Yves Saint Laurent, Diesel or BMW.

The TV ad features the song “Blue Jeans” by New York based, American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey.


A multi-channel ad campaign

The commercial will run throughout May and June on U.S national and cable channels in primetime and early morning hours. The commercial will run again in a second phase, from October until December.

This TV commercial is part of a multi-channel campaign that will take place through digital media, in-store material, events for existing Club Members and a revamped landing page of the US online boutique on