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Nespresso launchesTrieste and Napoli Limited Editions : an ode to Italy and its coffee cultures


Celebration of Italy’s strong coffee heritage

This Spring, Nespresso pays homage to the strong coffee heritage of Italy with two Grand Cru coffees, available for a short time only: Trieste and Napoli Limited Editions. Unique and contrasting, the Spring Limited Edition Grand Cru duo celebrates two Italian cities that are delightfully distinct in character yet equal in their passion for coffee.

“With its Limited Edition Grands Crus, Nespresso brings to coffee lovers around the world rare and exceptional coffee experiences. With the Trieste and Napoli Limited Editions, Nespresso was inspired by two of Italy’s most emblematic cities and coffee cultures,” said Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nestlé Nespresso SA.



The Trieste Limited Edition reflects the rich and varied
cultural experience to be found in Trieste.

The Trieste Limited Edition reflects the rich and varied cultural experience to be found in Trieste. The multifaceted northeastern Italian port city reflects a mix of German, Italian and Slavic cultures. All green coffee bound for the coffee houses of Vienna came through Trieste, as the gateway to the Austro-Hungarian empire. Its coffee houses were renowned places of intellectual and creative pursuit.

Reflecting this diverse culture, coffee in Trieste is taken with or without milk, long or short. The inhabitants of Trieste have even created specific terms for their coffee: “nero” is an espresso, “capo” has a dash of milk and coffee served in a glass rather than the usual china cup is “in b”.

Similarly, the Trieste Limited Edition is delightful both with and without milk. With an intensity level of 9, Trieste is a subtle blend of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and eastern Africa offering notes of chocolate and fresh hazelnuts, a round texture and a fruity touch. While it is best enjoyed as a ristretto (25 ml), Limited Edition Trieste reveals intense, roasted coffee notes with a hint of brown caramel and nuts when served as a cappuccino.



Coffee also holds a special place in vibrant Naples, located in the south of Italy. Here, the first domestic appliance to prepare coffee was invented: the “caffettiera napoletana”. This brought coffee consumption into the home, transforming it from an aristocratic drink enjoyed in cafés to a domestic pleasure.

© A. Novelli / FotoUp Agency

As a rule, Neapolitans take their coffee short, dark and often sweet. “Caffè” is the word used to order what others call “espresso”.

The Nespresso interpretation of the concentrated “black gold” of Naples is Napoli: a blend of Arabica beans from South America, Africa and Asia, with a hint of Robusta. Bold and assertive with a syrupy body, it has refined, smoky notes reminiscent of dried black tea leaves. With an intensity level of 11, the Napoli Limited Edition is best enjoyed as a ristretto (25 ml). For an even more authentic tasting experience, it can be served as an even shorter cup (15-20 ml) and sweetened with sugar.


The art of coffee tasting

A coffee's crema, body, aroma, taste and intensity all play a part in its richness, bringing to life infinite experiences. By savouring and comparing Trieste and Napoli Limited Editions side by side, coffee lovers can appreciate even more the sensorial nuances of these two exquisite and distinct coffees developed by Nespresso Coffee Experts.

To celebrate the coffee tasting ritual of these Limited Edition Grands Crus, Nespresso has created a dedicated box set, containing one sleeve each of Trieste and Napoli, along with four cups and saucers.


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