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Nespresso launches the Nespresso Cube, an innovative automated retail concept

With the Nespresso Cube, Nespresso brings
consumers a new tailor-made service that meets
contemporary living and shopping preferences.

New exclusive service to consumers

Consumers will be able to experience a new personalised way of shopping with the Nespresso Cube, an innovative automated retail concept. The three first Nespresso Cubes were implemented in Barcelona, Spain, and Lisbon, Portugal.

The automated boutique offers the 21 Nespresso Grand Cru and Limited Edition coffees. It prepares any multi-product order at unseen speed thanks to an advanced, robotized order-picking system. With the Nespresso Cube, Nespresso uses cutting-edge technology to bring consumers a unique service that meets contemporary living and shopping preferences.

“This groundbreaking retail concept pioneers a new way of shopping. It enables us to push the limits of personalised services for our Club Members and consumers,” said Jean-Marc Duvoisin, CEO of Nestlé Nespresso SA. “Thanks to our direct dialogue with consumers, we know that they value new innovative and exclusive services that fit their lifestyles. The Nespresso Cube allows us to expand our retail network in new premium locations, while continuing to offer a sophisticated brand experience.”


State-of-the-art personalised shopping experience

The groundbreaking Nespresso Cube pioneers
a new way of shopping for consumers.

At 9 square metres in size, the Nespresso Cube can fit into a variety of settings. The automated boutique holds up to 25,000 capsules, or 2,500 sleeves of Nespresso Grand Cru coffee. Outfitted with state-of-the art technology, the Nespresso Cube can process a personalised order of 10 different capsule sleeves in just 20 seconds.

After placing their orders on a touchscreen panel, consumers can watch as robotic arms quickly prepares their orders in a stunning show. Purchases can be made using a credit card, while Nespresso Club Members are offered the added convenience of using their Nespresso Club card to place their orders.


On-going innovation in retail and services

The Nespresso Cube is the company’s latest step in introducing innovative services that meet consumer desires for convenience and choice.

Since 2000, Nespresso has opened more than 300 retail boutiques worldwide, offering consumers a unique brand and premium coffee experience focused on innovation, convenience and personalisation. Nespresso introduced Self-Selection areas within boutiques, beginning in 2010, to allow its Club Members to shop at their own pace and check-out automatically using RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology.

Robotic arms prepare at unseen speed any multi-product
combination of the 21 Nespresso Grand Cru coffees.

That same year, Nespresso introduced Pick-Up desks to allow time-pressed consumers to conveniently collect pre-ordered products. Besides its boutique network, Nespresso provides 24/7 ordering through its e-commerce platform and its Customer Relationship Centres, where customers can order any Nespresso products and get advice from dedicated coffee specialists.

Boutiques remain at the heart of the Nespresso retail strategy.The new Nespresso Cube concept complements the company’s expanding retail network, bringing the Nespresso experience to new locations.