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Nespresso pays tribute to Cuban coffee tradition with Limited Edition Cubanía


Inspired by the passion and intensity of Cuban coffee ritual

Inspired by the warmth of the Cuban way of life and its iconic coffee ritual, Nespresso coffee experts have stretched their mastery of coffee creation to produce Cubanía, the Fall 2014 Limited Edition Grand Cru.

The way of drinking coffee in Cuba – Cubano-style – is a leisurely tradition. It mixes a portion of strong, black coffee with cane sugar until it becomes a thick, creamy paste. Then it combines it with yet more coffee. This distinctive coffee ritual represents the sensual Latin style: a different pace of life with time to savour one another’s company.

Nespresso has captured this spirit in Cubanía, a bold blend of highly roasted Arabicas and Robustas with a dense texture and powerful bouquet without strong bitterness. Breaking the Nespresso record of intensity by going one step beyond the Kazaar Grand Cru, Cubanía reaches level 13.  



Mastery of origins and process for unsurpassed intensity

This achievement of unsurpassed intensity draws upon earlier Nespresso creations. It also builds on the mastery of an innovative technique: steaming coffee to change its chemical and physical structure.

A coffee’s intensity is based on the density of the beans and their roasting profile. Choosing which coffee beans can deliver such an intense experience takes Nespresso know-how. For intensity, a high-end Indian Robusta was slowly steamed to allow for greater extractability, while reducing bitterness and enhancing smoothness. Brazilian Robusta Conillon was added to ensure intensity. This was paired with a mild Colombian Arabica used already in 2012 for the Limited Edition Crealto, capable of taking a long roast while delivering smooth and pure coffee flavour. Nespresso coffee experts also selected a mild Arabica to complement the blend.





Enjoying coffee the Latin way

Nespresso seeks to continuously invite Club Members into new ways of understanding, appreciating and experiencing coffee. To enjoy Cubanía in the traditional Cubano style, Nespresso coffee experts recommend adding a 25 ml ristretto to a measure of cane sugar, stirring well until it becomes a creamy, light brown paste. Then, extract a second 25 ml ristretto on top of the mixture and stir. This intense and syrupy black coffee with its tantalizing, dense crema enables coffee aficionados to fully experience Cubanía with Latin flair.

Adding 25 ml of hot milk to a Café Cubano creates a velvety coffee and milk elixir reminiscent of the dessert dulce de leche, with sweet notes of cookie and caramel.

The wild, yet complex aromatics of Cubanía are revealed when it is taken black, as a 25 ml ristretto.


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