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Nespresso premieres rare and exclusive Limited Edition: Hawaii Kona Special Reserve 2012

One of the world’s most precious coffees to create a rare and exceptional experience

Nespresso takes its concept of Limited Editions to new heights as it launches its first Special Reserve Limited Edition coffee. With Hawaii Kona Special Reserve 2012, Nespresso offers its Club Members the opportunity to experience the perfect fusion of Nespresso expertise with one of the most precious and rare coffees in the world.

“It is our role and our passion to create new coffee drinking experiences to delight our consumers,” said Nespresso Green Coffee Manager Alexis Rodriguez.

This quest took Nespresso Coffee Experts to the southernmost island of the remote Hawaiian archipelago to source the beans for this very special Limited Edition coffee. The Kona Coffee Belt is a narrow strip of land on the western side of Big Island, sheltered from strong winds and nourished by the fertile slopes of two volcanoes.

“Kona benefits from a truly unique terroir,” explained Rodriguez. “It enjoys a microclimate that is different from anywhere else in the archipelago where sun, soil and water are perfectly combined. This gives Kona coffee its exceptional characteristics and superior quality,” he continued.

Handpicked on the steep and rugged lava landscape, Kona Typica, an arabica variety introduced from Guatemala in the 1800s, is cultivated by mostly small, family-run estates. The region produces an average of 40,000 bags per year – compared to Colombia, which produces 9 million bags per year.


Nespresso expertise highlights exceptional green coffee

The Kona Coffee Belt, © Stéphane Martinelli
“In our endless search for the very best coffees around the world, we find small pockets of exceptional coffees, just enough in quantity to produce a Limited Edition that provide our coffee connoisseurs with new dimensions in the journey of coffee knowledge and enjoyment,” commented Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nestlé Nespresso. “Kona is one of the world’s most sought after coffees for its exquisite taste but of such physical scarcity that it can only be offered as an extremely Limited Edition.”

Nespresso selected only the very best green coffee beans from the Kona harvest for this Special Reserve. Nespresso coffee experts meticulously optimized the roasting and grinding of the 100% arabica beans to reveal the full range of their rich and delicate flavours, while reducing the development of bitterness.

The result is a unique sensory experience. With a silky, hazelnut coloured crema tinged with gold, Nespresso Hawaii Kona Special Reserve expresses the harmonious complexity of its aromas. Clad in elegant acidity, its rich flavour reveals fruity bouquet with subtle nutty notes and silky texture.

Nespresso Hawaii Kona Special Reserve has a medium intensity of 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. It comes sealed in a brushed aluminium capsule whose sleek elegance reflects the rare treasure it contains.


Delivering consumers an exclusive experience

Committed to delivering consumers with a total coffee experience, Nespresso has created a special online platform dedicated to Hawaii Kona Special Reserve. The microsite invites consumers to learn more about the precious coffee, its heritage and its journey to become a Nespresso Special Reserve.


Nespresso Hawaii Kona Special Reserve
© Stéphane Martinelli

Enhancing partnerships in the world of high gastronomy

Reinforcing partnerships with its most distinguished partners in the world of fine dining, Nespresso has decided to extend the availability of the Hawaii Kona Special Reserve to include a limited number of high-end restaurants in 13 markets around the world.

To assist leading chefs and sommeliers in creating an overall gastronomic experience for their customers with this truly unique coffee, Nespresso also developed for the first time a dedicated Hawaii Kona Special Reserve Coffee Codex. The 12-page publication provides extensive background on Nespresso Hawaii Kona and its sensory profile, building on the knowledge reflected in the comprehensive Nespresso Coffee Codex. Acclaimed sommeliers and star-rated chefs contributed pairing suggestions for Nespresso Hawaii Kona with sweet and savoury dishes as well as harmonisations with other beverages.

Nespresso Hawaii Kona Special Reserve will sell as long as supplies last.