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Nespresso proposes popular Crealto Limited Edition to Nespresso professional customers


Bringing new tasting moments to Nespresso business channels

Following its widespread success among Nespresso Club Members and consumers in 2012, Crealto, the Nespresso Grand Cru inspired by high gastronomy, returns this year as a B2B limited edition. Nespresso professional customers in business channels including restaurants and hospitality, offices and travel will now be able to enjoy Crealto starting this June until supplies last.

In an unprecedented creative collaboration, Crealto unites the innovative strengths of Nespresso coffee experts and high gastronomy. Nespresso Green Coffee Specialist Alexis Rodriquez was inspired by Michelin-starred chef Mauro Colagreco’s application of long roasting techniques at low temperatures to apply a similar approach to coffee roasting. The result is a full-bodied Grand Cru coffee with round, roasted notes and a lingering finish.

“At Nespresso we are always looking for innovative ways to surprise coffee lovers with unique coffee discoveries that unveil new sensorial experiences,” commented Alexis Rodriguez, Green Coffee Quality and Development Manager, Nestlé Nespresso SA. “We have worked with world class chefs for a long time, as there are many synergies between Nespresso and the world of high gastronomy. We were inspired by Mauro’s creative spirit and inventive gastronomic techniques, resulting in the unique taste profile of Crealto.”


Innovative culinary techniques applied to coffee roasting


For Crealto, Nespresso Green Coffee Quality and Development Manager Alexis Rodriquez was inspired by Michelin-starred chef Mauro Colagreco’s technique of slow cooking at low temperatures. Rodriguez and his team of Nespresso Coffee Experts developed a blend using Arabica coffees from South and Central America and Indonesia – coffee varieties that could withstand long roasting without becoming over-roasted.

The unique character of Crealto was then achieved by simmering the beans at a low temperature three times longer than average Nespresso roasting times. As with cooking, the longer, meticulous process allowed the extraction of every aroma and flavour.

The result is an exquisite Grand Cru coffee revealing round, roasted notes with long-lasting taste. With an intensity of 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, Crealto is best served as an espresso (40 ml) but is also delightful in coffee recipes with milk, where Crealto reveals notes of wild nuts.


A union of coffee expertise and high gastronomy

The name Crealto stems from the combination of “Createur” and “Alto”, referencing the alta cucina (high gastronomy). Four exclusive and delicious Crealto coffee recipes developed by Mauro Colagreco have been adapted for HORECA: “Dark Coco Zest”, “Velvet Pistachio”, “Oriental Perfume Espresso” and “Orange Refresher.”

Sealed in a white capsule marbled with brown streaks – reminiscent of the way chefs decorate their creations – Crealto’s packaging reflects its refined character.


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Crealto unites coffee expertise with high gastronomy