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Ristretto Intenso takes Nespresso professional customers to new heights of sensory intensity


Consumer favourite now available to professional channels

With the introduction of the Ristretto Intenso Grand Cru, Nespresso Business Solutions customers can now experience new heights of sensory intensity. Driven to delight coffee lovers with ever-new tasting moments, Nespresso has moved to make its consumers’ favourite Grand Cru available to out-of-home professional channels.

Ristretto Intenso is based on the Kazaar Grand Cru, a much sought-after Grand Cru that was first introduced as a Limited Edition, revived twice by popular demand and then integrated into the permanent range last year.

Nespresso Grands Crus are enjoyed at home by our Club Members and coffee lovers around the world, so it is only natural that we offer those home coffee experiences as an out-of-home coffee experience,” said Oliver Perquy, Head of B2B channel, Nestlé Nespresso SA.


Breaking coffee paradigms for an exceptionally intense, aromatic coffee

The newest addition to the Nespresso Business Solutions Grands Crus range, Ristretto Intenso is an exceptionally bold and distinctive coffee. Its rich, bittersweet aroma is balanced by a dense and creamy texture, while spicy and woody notes leave a pleasurable aftertaste. With an intensity of 12, Ristretto Intenso breaks the scale of coffee intensity for Business Solution Grands Crus, which previously reached 10 with Ristretto Origin India.


Ristretto Intenso demonstrates Nespresso mastery in the art of coffee creation, from the careful selection of rare green coffee beans from distinct origins, to the innovative blending and roasting techniques employed, culminating in the cup for an unforgettable sensory experience.

To create Ristretto Intenso’s remarkably intense and nuanced taste, Nespresso experts challenged coffee paradigms by developing a predominantly Robusta blend. Nespresso worked with coffee farmers in Brazil to naturally sun-dry their Robusta to reduce harshness, instead of the more common mechanical drying. This is paired with a different Robusta variety from Guatemala, which is specially wet processed for Nespresso, giving it a unique smoothness and strength. A smaller proportion of unwashed Arabica from South America is used like a spice to round out the blend. Split-roasting brings out the best characteristics of each coffee variety. While the Robustas are roasted briefly but intensely for strength and complexity, the Arabica’s long roasting time brings out finer notes and natural sweetness.


Designing solutions to meet the needs of professional consumers

Since 1996, the business-to-business team at Nespresso has grown to provide its range of products and services to professional customers in more than 50 countries.

From the dedicated professional machine range and premium coffee selection to value-added customer service unrivalled in the industry, Nespresso Business Solutions are designed to meet the needs of the most discerning hosts in the world’s foremost hotels and restaurants, as well as those of Nespresso business customers around the globe.

The Nespresso Business Solutions coffee range now comprises nine different Grands Crus with distinct aromas, tastes and levels of intensity across four families: Ristretto, Lungo, Espresso and Decaffeinated.

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