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Scientific experts explain the origin of aromatic profiles in coffee

Unveiling the mystery of coffee aromas

Over the last decades, researchers have found that the sensory profile of a green coffee is mostly determined by three elements:

• The green coffee variety (Robusta, Arabica or sub-varieties such as Typica or Bourbon)
• The terroir (soil characteristics, geographical factors and climatic conditions)
• The post-harvest processing method (dry, wet and semi-dry)

Like for wine, the quality of a cup of coffee strongly depends on the coffee fruit and its inner quality. While the production steps that come later in the process, like ageing for wine or roasting for coffee, only optimize its intrinsic potential or influence the taste, it cannot improve the quality. This is why Nespresso coffee experts only select amongst the 1-2% highest quality green coffee beans produced in specific terroirs to develop our Grands Crus.