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Nespresso first standalone boutique in Japan takes coffee lovers on a journey of discovery

Nespresso boutique in Osaka 

Experiencing the Nespresso Grand Cru coffees

In late December 2011, Nespresso opened its first standalone boutique in Japan in the luxury fashion spot of Shinsaibashi in Osaka. The new boutique enables coffee lovers in Japan to create their own personalised journeys through the Nespresso universe of coffee expertise.

“The Osaka boutique offers our Club Members the opportunity to experience the diversity of Nespresso Grand Cru coffees in a unique, personalised environment,” said Loïc Réthoré, Market Director of Nespresso Japan. “Not only does it strengthen the Nespresso visibility, but it also enables coffee lovers to fully engage with our brand. This is important as coffee consumption in Japan continues to grow. In fact, coffee is now the number two beverage consumed in Japan (after tea), with 20% of the beverage market.”   

The new standalone boutique is designed to complement the existing Nespresso network of 17 department-store boutiques in Japan. In addition to offering the full range of Nespresso Grand Cru coffees, coffee machines and accessories, the Osaka boutique offers a unique sensory experience for coffee lovers. They can savour the latest Grands Crus and try different coffee recipes, while benefitting from the Nespresso coffee experts’ knowledge.

Nespresso boutique in Osaka, Japan
The Coffee Room allows consumers to discover
the subtleties of Nespresso Grands Crus

The Osaka boutique also incorporates a Nespresso Coffee Experiential Centre (CEC), the second in Japan after Tokyo. At the Nespresso CEC, Club Members enter the world of Grand Cru coffees, discover the ritual of coffee tasting and awaken their senses to the range of Nespresso coffee profiles. They can also learn to prepare coffee recipes that they can later make at home for their family and friends.

“Japan is a market with a great appreciation for gourmet food and drinks. Tokyo now boasts the greatest number of Michelin star restaurants in the world,” said Loïc Réthoré. “That’s why Nespresso is such a perfect fit for this market. As more people travel abroad and experience coffee elsewhere, we can expect to see gourmet coffee consumption in Japan continue to accelerate.”


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