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Capsule collection systems around the world

Collection point for used Nespresso capsules

Recycling challenges

Since 1991 in Switzerland, Nespresso has been putting in place systems to collect used capsule for recycling. In Germany, Nespresso consumers have been able to recycle their capsules through the Grüner Punkt system/Duales System Deutschland since 1993.

In some countries, used aluminium capsules are not classified as packaging. This means that capsules cannot be collected and recycled in national or local packaging recovery and recycling schemes. The complexities of the recycling process, coupled with varying levels of public engagement and legislation, make a standardised approach to collecting used capsules difficult.


Developing collection systems for used capsules

Taking account of these differences, Nespresso has four options available in defining our approach to capsule collection:

  • Installing collection points in Nespresso boutiques;
  • Locating collection points within the community and at municipal waste centres;
  • Working with courier companies to enable doorstep collection;
  • Locating collection points at our retail partners’ stores, and in Mondial Relay and Kiala points in certain markets.


Increasing recycling efforts

By 2013, Nespresso committed to put collection systems in place to increase our capacity to recycle used capsules to 75%. At the end of June 2012, our collection capacity reached 76,4%, reaching our target one year ahead of plan. We estimate that our collection capacity totaled 86% at the end of 2015 with collection systems implemented in 39 countries. The recycling effort requires the participation of our Club Members and partners.

For the ease and convenience of our Club Members, we are increasing the number of collection points close to the homes of our Club Members and looking for new ways to collect capsules. We will also explore new tools to communicate with our Club Members about recycling. For example, the Nespresso iPhone app helps our Club Members in France and Switzerland identify the most convenient way to return their used capsules for recycling.


For more information about the different capsule collection systems in Nespresso markets, read the factsheet Perfecting Our Packaging Solution (PDF, 254Kb)..