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Environmental initiatives across operations

Production & Distribution Centre in Avenches,

Building environmental efficiencies

While efforts to improve our environmental performance are focused on the areas of biggest impact (machine use and coffee growing), Nespresso is looking at new ways to improve in every other aspect of our business.

We have built environmental efficiencies into our Production Centres and logistics networks. For example, in our Avenches factory in Switzerland, advanced roasting techniques save approximately 16% to 20% of the energy needed compared to previous roasting technology. The energy is also recovered through an innovative system used for providing heating in the factory and to homes in Avenches. Rainwater is collected, recycled and used as utility water in the factory.

In logistics, the warehousing facilities of our sourcing partner EFICO are equipped with a highly efficient system to cool and warm, ventilate and sterilize the internal environment. Onsite green energy production is provided by 4,600 solar photovoltaic cells. In November 2009, the warehouse was awarded a Green Building certificate from the European Commission.