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Creating Shared Value

A chef with a glass of coffee

The Positive Cup reinforces the way the Nespresso model creates shared value

Nespresso’s innovation in portioned coffee preparation has created a new and exceptional coffee experience for consumers, one which they appreciate and value.

This required the supply of superior coffees which are cultivated in specific terroirs. They are roasted and blended with meticulous attention to detail and their quality is protected by our aluminium capsules. The origins of our Grands Crus are unique and not interchangeable, so we cannot and do not buy our coffee as a commodity, instead building long-term relationships with individual farmers. Our approach is to support producers to better manage their farms, their businesses and their land. By doing so, we secure the supply of higher quality crops that meet the specific Nespresso quality and aroma requirements. This not only delivers a better in-cup result for our consumers but also greater income, security and stability for the farmers.

This has led to the “decommoditisation” of Nespresso coffees, improving the quality and bringing more value to farmers producing the unique profiles of coffee we depend on. It is our expression of “Creating Shared Value”, a way of doing business defined by Michael Porter and adopted by Nestlé.