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Sustainability is integrated into our business


For 30 years, we have been learning how to integrate sustainability into our activities, seeking to improve our operations and generate positive impact. Today, we call this The Positive Cup.

The Positive Cup reinforces the way the Nespresso model creates shared value. Delivering long-term positive impact for farmers, society and the environment helps ensure the ongoing success of Nespresso. This results in exceptional quality coffee, cup after cup.


Bringing The Positive Cup to life involves everyone

From our agronomists working with farmers to employees engaging with Club Members to our partners worldwide, bringing The Positive Cup to life involves everyone.

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Infinitely recyclable

To protect the flavours and freshness of our coffees, aluminium is the best material available. It is also infinitely recyclable. We work in partnership to continue to improve the sustainability of aluminium sourcing and the convenience of capsule recycling.

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Fostering long-term relationships with farmers

The Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program fosters long-term relationships with farmers. It embeds sustainable practices on farms and generates innovative initiatives, which support the resilience of farming communities and the surrounding landscapes.

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Agroforestry as our primary solution

Coffee cultivation depends on a stable climate. In AAA farming regions agroforestry is our primary solution for addressing climate change. Beyond this, we continue to improve the environmental performance of a cup.

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