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Nespresso Sustainability Innovation Fund

The NSIF will facilitate investments
in innovative sustainability initiatives

Nespresso is the pioneer of portioned high quality coffee and a recognized innovator in the premium coffee sector. The company is committed to creating shared value across the coffee value chain and has been innovating in sustainable quality coffee, from the farm through to post-consumer recycling, for more than two decades.

Nespresso has partnered with leading non-profit organizations and development agencies, such as the Rainforest Alliance, FairTrade, TechnoServe, Acumen, Root Capital and USAID, on a range of progressive and high impact programs.

In 2014, the company announced its ambitious 2020 sustainability strategy, The Positive Cup, focusing on three major areas: coffee sourcing, aluminum sourcing and recycling, and climate resilience.

Building on the core CHF 500 million investment in The Positive Cup, the company has set up the Nespresso Sustainability Innovation Fund (NSIF), a new funding vehicle to facilitate investment by Nespresso in innovative sustainability initiatives that go beyond its usual business operations. Nespresso is committing an initial $10 million in the fund for specific innovative coffee value chain initiatives in the coming three years (2016-2018).

The NSIF will not act as an impact investment fund. However, Nespresso will seek to complement each project’s funding with institutional donor resources or, if appropriate, impact investment capital as relevant, while ensuring tangible economic, social and environmental return on investment together with a range of experts from academia, NGOs, international development agencies and impact investors.

Initially the NSIF scope will focus on the revival of specific coffee origins, the resilience of coffee communities and landscapes. Going further, it will also explore opportunities in recycling and the circular economy.

Nespresso will activate the fund with a range of current projects to be scaled over time, in the following categories:

Coffee Origin Revival


  • Nespresso’s initiative in South Sudan along with TechnoServe to revive high quality coffee production and contribute towards providing a new source of sustainable income for local communities

Sustainable Coffee Quality Resilience


  • Forestry and agroforestry investments in coffee landscapes, such as Nespresso’s project with Pur Projet to protect coffee quality against the effects of climate change and strengthen the resilience of the surrounding ecosystems
  • Programs to help enhance water efficiency
  • Projects to secure farmer livelihoods, such as the retirement savings plan for coffee farmers in Colombia

The NSIF is set up as a non-profit organization under Swiss law. It is governed by an executive committee, which is responsible for assessing and selecting projects. The funded projects will be at different stages of development: incubation, pilot and scale. Funding levels will be determined by each project’s needs and objectives.

For more information regarding the NSIF please contact:

Guillaume LE CUNFF, President Nestlé Nespresso U.S.A.

(@) guillaume.lecunff[a]
(T) +1 646 376 4901

Jerome PEREZ, Head of Sustainability Nestlé Nespresso S.A.

(@) Jerome.perez[a]
(T) +41 21 796 9495