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The Positive Cup - Nespresso way of doing business

Our sustainability ambition

We recognise our obligations as the reference in portioned coffee worldwide. Nespresso is committed to ensuring sustainability throughout our operations, seeking to create shared value and positive impact for farmers, consumers and society at large, while caring for the environment. With our Positive Cup strategy, we aim to offer the highest quality and most sustainable portioned coffee worldwide. Read more about The Positive Cup.


100% sustainably sourced coffee

Since 2003, the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program has helped to secure the future of the highest quality coffees and to secure the livelihoods of the farmers that grow them while protecting the environment. We aim to source 100% of our coffee through the AAA Program by 2020… more


Increasing collection capacity to recycle capsules

100% sustainably managed aluminium

We recognise the need for a responsible approach to the use of aluminium and the recycling of our used capsules. By 2020 we aim to sustainably manage 100% of the aluminium we use throughout our business... more


Improving environmental sustainability

​100% carbon efficient operations

We are taking action to optimise our environmental performance throughout our operations. By 2020 we aim to reduce our CO2 footprint by another 10%. We will also increase farm climate resilience through an extensive agroforestry program and become 100% carbon efficient in our operations... more