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What are the Nespresso products?

Nespresso creates, manufactures and sells high quality portioned coffee. The consumer coffee range includes 23 Grands Crus for home enjoyment, while the business range comprises of 11 Grands Crus for out-of-home enjoyment. The system VertuoLine™, launched in 2014 in North America, counts 14 Grands Crus for home enjoyment. Nespresso also sells coffee machines, developed and manufactured with machine partners. The consumer and professional coffee machines are different. A wide range of coffee accessories, called “Les Collections”, is also available to consumers. It includes coffee cups, coffee spoons, capsule holders, trays, etc. BabyNes and SpecialT are not Nespresso products. They are products of the Nestlé Group.

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Why was George Clooney chosen as the Nespresso brand ambassador?

We asked Nespresso Club Members who they thought would best embody the Nespresso brand. George Clooney starred in our first celebrity campaign in 2006. Since then, he has charmed fans and coffee aficionados as the perfect personification of the understated elegance and authenticity that make Nespresso what it is today.

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