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Phase 4

Les Chocolats
Avenches Production Centre, Switzerland
Munich <em>Nespresso</em> boutique

Shaping the global coffee culture

Nespresso achieves double-digit growth rate and confirms the brand’s success. The company focuses on highest quality coffee, continuous innovation and personalised services to delight its increasing community of Club Members. The company strengthens its commitment to sustainable agriculture and business practices with the launch of Ecolaboration™.


COMPANY: Nestlé Nespresso SA exceeds CHF 1 billion in revenue for the first time.
BRAND: George Clooney becomes the global Nespresso brand ambassador and stars in the first of a series of celebrity publicity campaigns.
MACHINES: The Le Cube machine sets new design standards with its minimalist lines and square shape.
COFFEE: An innovative range of flavoured coffees is introduced as a year-end offer.


SERVICE: The first Nespresso flagship boutique opens in Paris on the prestigious Champs-Elysees.
MACHINES: The Lattissima machine is introduced with one-touch technology that sets a new standard in easy preparation of fresh milk specialty coffee recipes.


COMPANY: Nestlé Nespresso SA achieves more than CHF 2 billion in revenue.
MACHINES: The Nespresso system is further enhanced with Quality Seal™ technology to deliver perfect water tightness over the life of the machines to ensure consistent in-cup quality.
SERVICE: Gourmet chocolates are developed to accompany Nespresso coffees.


COMPANY: A new state-of-the-art Nespresso Production & Distribution Centre is inaugurated in Avenches, Switzerland to meet rapidly expanding demand.
BRAND: Ecolaboration™ is launched as a consolidation of all sustainability efforts across all operations demonstrating the unique Nespresso way of doing business. Renowned explorer Mike Horn becomes Nespresso sustainability ambassador.
COFFEE: The permanent range of Nespresso coffees is renewed with the introduction of three pure origin coffees and two new Lungo blends. The Coffee Codex methodology and the Coffee Sommelier™ Program underscore Nespresso coffee expertise.
MACHINES: Inspired by urban mobility in its design and advanced functionality, CitiZ is launched as the first full range of Nespresso machines.


COMPANY: Nestlé Nespresso SA moves into new international headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and surpasses CHF 3 billion in revenue.
BRAND: Global expansion accelerates as new boutiques, each reflecting the distinct local identity as well as Nespresso signature style, are opened in major international cities. The 200th boutique is opened in Shanghai, China.
SERVICE: A new boutique concept launched in Munich, Germany, brings innovative customer service, tailored to consumer preferences.


COFFEE: Dhjana becomes the first 100% AAA sourced Limited Edition coffee.
MACHINES: Nespresso launches for the first time four machines during the year: PIXIE, its most innovative and ecological machine ever; Zenius and Aguila, two machines bringing enhanced functionalities to professional consumers; and Lattissima+ for easier preparation of milk-based coffee recipes.


COMPANY: As part of its Ecolaboration™ program, Nespresso achieves its 75% capsule recycling capacity objective one year ahead of plan, even surpassing it to reach 76.4%.
BRAND: The opening of a first Boutique Bar in San Francisco marks Nespresso expansion to the US West Coast.
COFFEE: Inspired by high gastronomy, Nespresso launches Crealto, a long-roast Limited Edition Grand Cru.
MACHINES: Nespresso launches two new machines: Maestria, inspired by the meticulous ritual of professional coffee preparation, and the modular U, which shapes itself to fit contemporary spaces.